Texas Biker Radio / Sons Of Liberty Riders MC, Both are non profit organizations.

Why We Ride? We are a group of Veteran Bikers and Biker Patriots who happen to be political activists. Our mission is to educate and bring public awareness of the corruption, disregard of the Constitution and The Rule of Law by public officials (includes law enforcement) and those who would do us harm. 


We do this with internet Radio, social media, public rides, events like protests. We may appear wherever the peoples Constitutional Rights have been denied by government at all levels.


Note: Texas Biker Radio has been operating for years. It is Internet based, it a show that has News & Comment of the day, a Bikers perspective - by Bikers - for Bikers. You can find link to the shows on Texas Biker Radio / Sons Of Liberty Riders MC on Facebook or their websites. 


A few of the most recent events: Waco where innocent Bikers were denied due process per the Constitution for attending a political meeting as they have done for over 20 yrs. Their families suffer at the hands of Federal, State & local Governments.


Sink Swanton Campaign which lead to the defeat of Waco PD's Patrick Swanton bid for Sheriff of McClennan County and his quest to capitalize on his 15 minutes of fame in the National Media, spewing lies and innuendos aimed at all Bikers.


Unable Reyna Campaign that defeated and removed a crooked DA from McClennan County.    


Sand Branch TX - A poor black community south of Dallas denied clean drinking water for over 30 yrs by the county. Still ongoing! 


McKinney TX - A woman's house vandalized and received death threats for displaying yard signs supporting Trump. Something everyone has a right to do no matter who you support. 


The following link will give a better understanding of the historical roots of The Sons Of Liberty  http://www.bostonteapartyship.com/loyal-nine


Sons Of Liberty Riders has Chapters 3 In Texas - Tennessee - Arizona - New Mexico and several others in the vetting process. Dallas - Fort Worth is the mother Chapter Founded by Mel "Popeye" Moss& Mel "OG" Robins.. 8 years ago.









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