Texas Biker Radio / Sons Of Liberty Riders MC, Both are non profit organizations.

Why We Ride? We are a group of Veteran Bikers and Biker Patriots who happen to be political activists. Our mission is to educate and bring public awareness of the corruption, disregard of the Constitution and The Rule of Law by public officials (includes law enforcement) and those who would do us harm. 


We do this with internet Radio, social media, public rides, events like protests. We may appear wherever the peoples Constitutional Rights have been denied by government at all levels.


Note: Texas Biker Radio has been operating for years. It is Internet based, it a show that has News & Comment of the day, a Bikers perspective - by Bikers - for Bikers. You can find link to the shows on Texas Biker Radio / Sons Of Liberty Riders MC on Facebook or their websites. You can download Texas Biker Radio APP at Google Play Store.   


A few of the most recent events: Waco where innocent Bikers were denied due process per the Constitution for attending a political meeting as they have done for over 20 yrs. Their families suffer at the hands of Federal, State & local Governments.


Sink Swanton Campaign which lead to the defeat of Waco PD's Patrick Swanton bid for Sheriff of McClennan County and his quest to capitalize on his 15 minutes of fame in the National Media, spewing lies and innuendos aimed at all Bikers.    


Sand Branch TX - A poor black community south of Dallas denied clean drinking water for over 30 yrs by the county. Still ongoing! 


McKinney TX - A woman's house vandalized and received death threats for displaying yard signs supporting Trump. Something everyone has a right to do no matter who you support. 


Next Up 2018


Our Mission also includes the 911 NY, Boston Bombings, Fort Hood, Navy Ship Yards, Memphis, San Bernardino, Orlando, the misuse and abuse of our Troops and Veterans.


We have out of control federal, state and city governments who has refused to secure our borders. There are those who would have us forget the lessons or 911 NY and Boston, we are here to make sure that doesn't happen.


Lets Roll 911 Memorial Ride, your all invited it's not just for the motorcycles, bring what ya got and decorate with flags. the more the better.


Juliana Valentine McCourt May 4, 1997~Sept. 11, 2001 4 yrs. old was one of 8 children who died on 911. Did the media ever say much about them, since we got involved we've had people tell us they had no clue children were killed. Go to this link read their names, realize there was nothing left for these parents to bury.

So on the first weekend after September 11th we've chose to ride in honor of these 8 children and all of those killed, maimed at the hands of terrorists and those who now protect us at home and foreign lands. The battle is far from won even those within our government has tried to downplay the existence of muslim terrorism in this country. The will to fight to win must prevail at all levels, our troops must be given the tools it takes, we cannot appease an enemy that wants to destroy our very existence. 

We ride to let the people know terrorism still exists, we are still targets, Orlando, San Bernardino proves that. Our troops fought bravely in foreign lands, but a weak government left the battlefield before the war was won to fulfill a presidential campaign promise allowing the terrorist to rebuild itself and has spread through out the world. Here at home little has been done to secure our borders, where the perpetrators of 911 entered our country. Our Borders remain as porous as ever with a new enemy called ISIS. Our government is now importing people the can not vet.






6th Annual “Let’s Roll”  911 Memorial Ride

Riding in Memory of those who can no longer speak and those who now protect us from those who would kill and maim the innocent.   

911 Flights 93, 11, 175, 77, Twin Towers, First Responders, Our Troops, Fort Hood, Boston Bombings, Extortion 17, Benghazi, Navy Shipyard Maryland, San Bernardino, Orlando. The list grows. 



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