Praise For All 


The 2nd responders arrived just 1 minute after a crazed individual killed 5 people over a grudge. Gazette employees hide under desks hoping flickering computer screen would not give them away. Not one person had the ability to thwart a person who was on the radar as a danger to them and others in the line of fire. There are millions of soft targets across Texas and the country. 


​Example! Wasn't long ago we went to our granddaughters High School graduation in Arlington TX at UTA, 700 students and thousands of family members packed into 1 auditorium, "zero security" , "ZERO" which included back packs and whatever else you wanted to bring along. What kind of stupidity runs these targets?   


Oh what praise there was for such a short reaction time that saved lives at the Gazette. Tell that to the families members of the 5 deceased Gazette employees. Candle vigils are not the answer. The ability to defend yourselves is. 


Once again we must point out police are 2nd responders, people on the scene and in the middle of the actions are 1st. Whether it be thwarting a shooter or providing medical assistance. The law (especially the FBI) has proven time and time again even when they have evil on the radar they somehow slip through the cracks. They continue on to kill innocent victims that include children. 



It's time for Constitutional carry and it's time for business, schools and individuals to take action for their own security. Even if we have to drag the rest of the liberal Nation kicking and screaming. You cannot depend on outside source for you or your families security, EVER! It's just not possible that the law can be everywhere when trouble comes your way.  


You and your children are in danger! Soft targets exist everywhere we look. We are evils paradise waiting to happen.





mel moss says...
"Sacario 2 the movie shows just what a soft target looks like..." (7/2/18)