Years ago TX State Rep Bill Zedler came to our TBR studio for an interview. In the interview he explained the TX Legislature is a Bill killing machine. This year the 88th legislature is no different from the past, matter of fact they've made it an art form that's duped Texas voters.

It's the reason we encourage you to watch the Luke Macias video posted below by on Sons Of Liberty Riders MC on FB.

We're not moaning because of the tactics used to keep our Bills from becoming law. We want to expose what going on and why important Bills never see the light of day.


It's called collusion!



It's the same shit at the federal level as 20 republicans collude to protect people like Adam Schiff for brains. He is a serial liar that should be held accountable, but once again republicans fail to fight. we don't have to go into the things he's done. Rules and laws do not apply to him and democrat's in general.


We are being duped by the highest levels of government and now corporations, children are taking the brunt of it by what we call groomers...