It didn't take 24 hours after President Trump gave the States a guideline for reopening  for the whining to begin. Governors wanted to take over the responsibility from the President and now that they've got it are saying wait a minute.


We believe they've realized the scrutiny that's coming their way. As the people are questioning what we've been told vs our livelihoods.


NY Governor Cuomo who's new name is the Ventilator is now trying to blame Trump for his constant whining over ventilators. Said he needed 40 thousand asap. We were reacting to Trump he claims. That's not what we heard as the Ventilator and the media whined everyday for more. 


It's funny, democrats want the Ventilator to run for President and now he says he can't handle it without the help of federal government (Trump). Just maybe the Ventilator has gotten more help than all the other states combined, yet he whines again. 


Really if anyone is to blame for all the over reactions it's the CDC that presented models with best "guess" estimates and no real data to back them up. They literally Blinded us with Science.

As Governors start planning to reopen they've got to be seeing that the people aren't going to put up with much more. The people see their ability to take care of themselves and families are going down in flames.  Down in flames as politicians in DC continue to play games and sit at home.


If the Doctors, Nurses, EMT's, Fire, Truckers, Police, City Services, essential businesses can go to work everyday what are we to think of our politicians hiding in their expensive holes eating ice cream in front of a 24 grand refrigerator on late night TV. That's bad enough but,  refusing to do their jobs in order to save whats left of our economy should make everyone mad as hell? Mad as hell and remember it in November. We are demanding they get back to DC asap and get the job done without pork and the never let a good crises go to waste bullshit. Right Nancy? 

Americans will not tolerate foolishness and will take action. 


Those actions are beginning as the people are taking to the streets. There's nothing like using our Constitutional Rights to send a message. Many are using their 1st Amendment Rights to seek redress from their governors who have overstepped their authorities. Texas, Michigan, Minnesota, Virginia, Huntington Beach with more to follow as reopening Beach's is deemed an essential activity as long as people maintain proper distances.


There's one thing for sure a cure is a long ways away, up to 2 years if at all. We cannot and will not stay locked up and watch our economy and way of life be destroyed no matter what politicians and scientist have to say.

In Texas "to go" retail is not a good program at all, we must be allowed back into the stores and malls while practicing safe distances and guidelines. Whats the difference in going to crowded grocery stores, a drive through with unsafe practices and people who will not cooperate? Its up to us to protect ourselves or not.


A message to Governor Abbott "All Jobs Are Essential" for us to live, its said 40% of Texas restaurants will not return. That's unacceptable and the clock is ticking! Common sense action badly needed, not 50 State dictators, city and county lunatics.

We are fired up and ready to take to the streets to save Texas and the Nation..


Lets Ride..