Our own Sasquatch uncut, from his perspective on the road.


Hello Texas bikers and bikers across the Nation & beyond ! This is the Sasquatch on the road report # 6.

Well it's time to break out the soap box again and report to everyone on the work that The Sons of Liberty Riders MC has been doing in conjunction with are friends in other clubs to push back on motorcycle profiling here in N.Texas & around the Country .

And we have been busy & so has Law Enforcement to fleece & disrupt the lives of innocent bikers who have done little or nothing wrong & have been arrested & taken to jail for nothing more than a minor traffic infraction . A violation that would have resulted in a ticket or a warning to any other cage driver or citizen, but not bikers ! And we as bikers are totally fed up with this behaviour from law enforcement & the Viscous legislation & Politicians that has caused motorcycle profiling to begin with .

So our Club SOLR MC has been busy organizing & attending protests at the County seats where we have seen the worst of this profiling going on !

Well, folks, I don't understand why Law enforcement and there superior's in General, why they think it is okay to violate your constitutional rights . And just because you are wearing a Kutte of you choosing,(protected by the US Constitution under freedom of expression), & free speech .

Or invalidate your C.H.L. or handgun licenses on the side of the road without any due process ? And then submit you name into a criminal gang database W/O your knowledge ! On the basis that you are a biker and or a 1%er and in their minds that automatically makes you a Criminal & a gang member ?


I know of no such law that says you are exempt from the 2nd amendment or the bill of rights if you are a biker ! This is nothing more than a load of Bull Shit, being perpetrated by are corrupt Government. who is actively trying to take the rights of the American people and rewrite the Constitution to fit their Communist agenda ! And I tell it like I see it (Communism) is what it amounts to ! I believe we are witnessing the start of another civil war being waged against America and it's Patriots & the Constitution of the U.S.A. along whith your rights given to you by God himself as a human being !

We are standing up and pushing back to let these bad actors of the deep state party, know just how we feel about their  persecution of American bikers and we will take it all the way to the next State legislative session in Austin TX.! But until then we are pushing back & gathering evidence and doing everything we can to make our voices heard over the plethora of confusion & utter B.S. that they, (the leftous Democrats) are pushing ! And don't forget to get video evidence of you traffic stops & subsequent profiling, riders we need your video input if you capture it ?  Now I would like to go into more detail about our Freedom Rally's and their locations .

   Our first & second  Rallies Of 2019  were in Milam County TX. at the county court house in Cameron TX. In support of Bandeto Patrick . (We did two Rallies @ the Milam County Courthouse, To get the word out to all Texans & the Citizens of that area,  You would be hard pressed to find a more decorated war Veteran and Patriot of the U.S.A. than Patrick, and he is the recipient of a purple heart & not 1 but 2 Bronze stars ! With 24 years of service in the Military ! And yet he has been accused of Criminal activity, only because he is a member of the Bandidos motorcycle club ? He traded one uniform for another & is being prosecuted for nothing illegal. The Arresting officer claimed he was 7 miles over the speed limit as an excuse to pull him over.  And then discovered his was (LEGALLY)carrying a firearm and proceeded to tare up his concealed carry license card & confiscated his firearm .


And arrest him, on the spot ! This Should not be legal or admissible in any court of law ! And neither should he have been charged with criminal carry when he was carrying a legally obtained concealed carry handgun license  ! Folks this is a prime example of the corruption that is going on in our Government and premiyating our lives as Amreican's and bikers !

We have done 2 more successful relally's since the two in Milam County, on the same day ! The first in Tarrant County courthouse in Downtown Fort Worth Tx..& the Second in Parker County courthouse in Downtown Weatherford TX.

And as bikers we must stand up and push back . And do are part to stop the Tierney that so desperately wants  to destroy are Country & divide the people, because divided we fall right ?
Well,us bikers are becoming more United than ever before in our history & we know who the enemy is, (corrupt politicians) time to push back and have our say as the 1st amendment of free speech protects.

And if we reelect the man who can get things done we might stand a chance of keeping this Country together for a while longer . However, If you believe in God, then you know that he told us that this time of great evil would come & that a one world government would cause the beginning of the end as we know it, and low & behold, the generation of Vipers has arrived !

And that's all I'm gonna say about that for now ! Time to give the soap box a rest its smoking down here !

The Sons of Liberty Riders MC. is looking for any motorcycle riders that would like to join us in are next rally, because Motorcycle riders are great people too ! The time and place has not been announced yet, but I guarantee it will be fun ! But we would appreciate any Riders who want to be a part of our chance to push back at a legal and peaceful rally to get the word out about Profiling.

Look us up on you tube, or groups on face book search the Sons of Liberty MC our public page & Texasbikerraido.org.  I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to ride on out to our rally's and helped us get out the word to the people who will support are cause and the cause of freedom ! Y'all are beautiful & yes there is power in numbers .because the more Riders that attend the more they listen.

And a special thanks to Mel Popeye Moss & Mel OG.Robin's are President & Co Founder .yes they share the same first name ! For their hard work in putting these freedom rally's together & their exceptional radio show .texasbikerraido.org & every Member of The Sons of Liberty Riders who has recently lost a Brother, Gunz, R.I.P. he was the President of our New Mexico Chapter.

He will be sorely missed by many ! Popeye & I have dedicated are new SOLRMC song & video to Gunz's memory. And a special thanks to the Legendary Jim Parks
For attending and writing about all of our Rallys in his quaint & and yet to the point way, with the flare of a poet, he is much better than I with words, thank you Jim for being at the N.Texas rally's while my Scooter was broke down & couldn't be there ! But I was there in spirit.

Your did a very good commentary Jim .

This has been the Sasquatch of SOLR MC. on the road report .  Signing off. I LOVE Y'ALL. Everybody Ride Safe & Keep the rubber side down ! & K.A.G. 2020 ! Unless you like the new raw green deal ? Naw I didn't think so . Who wants to ban Cow farts & freedom anyway?