SOLR RC seems to be on a roll. On Saturday March 14th West Haven Kennels - Sons Of Liberty Riders gave a Bull Dog Puppy named "Sarge" to Ben Lowrie a Viet Nam Veteran in need. Ben now has a companion to help him through hard times.


Sarge from Texas Biker Radio on Vimeo.


Sometimes war veterans slip through the cracks in a broken VA health system that's more worried about making buildings more green than they are people.. The event was held at Pappas BBQ in Dallas.  Last we heard at 8pm Saturday evening Sarge's feet still hadn't touch the ground.



​On Sunday March 15th:  Earlier in the week SOLR RC was asked to help find an a capella singer to sing the National Anthem at the Scorpions MC Club House in Dallas. Esteban Bianco answers the call when SOLR RC President Mel Moss contacted him after receiving the request from COCI Region 2 Chairman Willie Propes.  



​Later on that evening we received an email from Esteban that said:


 I have had the privilege of singing the National Anthem in many “big events” for many “big people” in the past but none compare to today.  That cheer at the end was amazing.  I have sang professionally in 27 countries and 49 states as well.  You were right; this was a first and unique for me.


Be well my friend.  Thank you for an unforgettable day!


Esteban Bianco 




Sons Of Liberty Riders RC is a group of like minded Veterans and Patriots who also happen to be political activists.

Our mission


* The preservation of our Constitutions "State and National"
* Promote Motorcycle Safety issues  through the Texas State Legislature.
* Monitor and propose new legislation preserving our rights as Bikers.  
* Bring Public attention of the misuse and abuse of the Citizenry at large, our Troops and Veterans by an out of control government at all levels.
* 911 Never Forget

We do this with public rides, events, protests and political activism. .