Sons of liberty Riders MC Friday June 23rd - announces date, times and route of the 5th Annual lets Roll 9 -11 Memorial Ride. The past couple of years the Sheriffs Department has changed our route at the last minute. That will not happen for our 5th Ride which will run through Dallas across the designer bridges, pass the DFW National Cemetery and then on to the Grapevine Flight Memorial for the Ceremony commemorating the 8 children who died on the aircraft flown into buildings in NYC. 


Honors also include the more than 3000 children who lost mothers and fathers, flight crews, first responders, our troops who answered the call to war and those wounded and killed since.


It seems as each year passes this ride gets more important. 16 years later and the terror attacks continue here at home and around the world. The terrorist are now using different tactics and very low tech means of terror.


We must show the world how to stand up, rally against religious terror, do not fall victim to political correctness, evil will spread like a cancer left unchecked.





USS Fitzgerald 7 missing sailors found in flooded compartment, investigations continue.


Sons Of Liberty Riders MC President Butch "Popeye" Moss was involved in a similar accident in 1968 when the USS Shadwell was struck amidships by the USS Casa Grande as the crews on slept in the early hours of the morning.  


Popeye: What I can say as of this minute there are folks on the Fitzgerald who's careers are in great peril. Maybe even some prison time. There is no excuse that someone did not see a massive cargo ship twice the size of the Fitzgerald execute a U turn and come back toward them. It doesn't matter day or night. Unless it's changed all Navy vessels has lookouts, one on each wing of the pilot house and a fantail watch. I can't imagine in today's age of GPS electronic sophistication that a warning was not sounded by radar tracking equipment and those who keep eyes on the traffic around them.


Hell my sailboat radar had those capabilities. 


It's reported 12 sailors and officers were on the bridge of the USS Fitzgerald at the time of the accident. Some serious fails occurred on the bridge, what we called combat information center (back in the day) and by the officer of the deck.


Popeye: A skilled lookout can see long distances in the dark, a skilled lookout will know what direction a ship on the horizon is going. Nav light tell the tale.  

A Texas sailor was among the seven people who died in the collision between the USS Fitzgerald, a destroyer ship, and a Philippine container ship off the coast of Japan.


Noe Hernandez, 26, of Weslaco, was found dead in a flooded berthing compartment, the Navy said Sunday night. Hernandez was a gunner's mate. According to a Facebook post from a relative, Hernandez had a wife and a child.


​our hearts & prayers are wih the family of "Gunners Mate" Noe Hernandez. 


Earth To Russia And Democrats


​If anyone thought there was any type of collusion going on between Trump and Putin were they seriously mistaken. The recent shooting down of a Syrian fighter bomber throws all that out the window. Putin says hell shoot down anything flying over Syria. Wow!

For 8 years Obama was taking it up the rear ended by Putin. Now we pay the price for Presidential Wussysm and leading from "way" behind. We were so far behind we were losing to ISIS & Taliban, nothing more than tribes of thugs with AK 47's old ordinance to make IED's. On top of that insulting thought Obama gave Iran billions in ransom for a deal. A frickin bad deal.


His entire administration should be on trial for treason. 


Now all the Fake News wants to now if this will lead to a proxy war with Russia? Where in the hell have they been? When did it stop? We've been attacked on all fronts with little or no response other than threats from a pussy who's main concern was anything but our security.


Democrats big fail, can you say hacked? Lets add infiltrated.  


Here's the problem. We are living in an insane world full of bad actors that were allowed to fester and spread unchecked. We predict the proxy wars will continue, we don't think they ever really stopped. Hope and pray the insane religious fanatics do not get nuclear weapons for they will surly use them. In that case Russia has a problem too. 


Then all bets are off, pray that another Wussy does not have the power to surrender to evil. We see it everywhere, here at home and especially in Europe.. Hangs on brothers & sisters going to get Bad..