CLOWNS: Not long ago we had Clown sightings across the country which sent people into a panic, but not a one was scarier than the bunch in DC.


Donald Trump called Chuck Schumer a Clown yesterday and he was right to do so.  Why not progressives have called him every name in the book. It's for sure as Bikers we've learned a lesson about letting the other side define who you are without counter punching. 


If your like us you are sick and tired of the same old faces that have dominated the house, senate and the news for decades. Pelosi, McCain, Schumer, Graham, McConnell, Clinton and of course the head Clown Obama who we think will be commander and thief at the U.N where he will fit in with all the other terrorist supporters of the world. 




Dog & Pony Cyber Show: The senate hearing on cyber threats, what a boring show that was. It reminded us of the UN where they spend all their time bashing Israel or us. Only this time it was all about Russia and throwing road blocks in front of Trump. Everyone there had an agenda and a bone on for Trump. Everyone there is now a war hawk, lets go attack!!


We can't blame Trump for the skepticism that exist in the minds of Americans, We've seen too many failures to give our intelligence agencies an A+, #1 was 911 and failures since.


During the hearing they never said once that any of the hacked emails weren't 100% true. After more than a decade where we've seen millions of emails hacked, Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Sony, Citibank, NASA, NY Times, "The Damned Pentagon",  "Now" all they are all concerned and pissed off since a bunch of politicians and political organizations have been exposed for what they are, liars, cheats and thieves. The question of the day would have been what elections over the last 50 years have we tried to influence? The list is long. We are tired of these Clowns too. 


They went on to talk about Russian propaganda and fake news. We don't need to look any further than our own media for Fake News. The main stream media are kings in that category. How do we fight propaganda? One would think propaganda of our own. it happens every frickin day is so many ways, there too we are kings and we are supposed to be pissed when it happens to us.


The election turn out had nothing to do with Russian hacking, propaganda or anything in that realm. It was simply paying attention the the people in this country who were hurting and footing the bills for the clowns and 8 years of neglect.   


Black Hate: This can be laid directly at the feet of Barrack Hussein Obama, the BLM and progressives in general for fanning the flames of race division and hatred. 


Jordan Hill, Tesfaye Cooper, and sisters Brittany and Tanishia Covington were each charged with aggravated kidnapping, hate crime, aggravated unlawful restraint, and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. Tanisha Covington was the eldest at 24, while her sister and the two men were 18 years old.


Faces Of Hate
Faces Of Hate

Sick individuals, we can't wait to see what their defense might be. Thanks to Facebook's live stream these criminals exposed themselves and expected a free pass for their crimes committed against the white victim who was tied up for four or five hours, gagged and beaten. His scalp was cut and he was forced to drink toilet water.


Their story is they picked up this mentally challenged  18 year old at a McDonalds and ran around in a stolen van for two days, this is when they decided to go live in a "play fight" that escalated out of control.Then they tossed him out in freezing whether disoriented, wearing a tank top, shorts, sandals to die. 


He was discovered when a neighbor called complaining about the noise coming out of their apartment. We bet Tanisha is not laughing now!


The seeds of Hate is an awful thing when planted into the minds of young people and for many years those seeds have been planted by the media, progressive politicians, groups and colleges.The murder of police officers, attacks against whites is a direct result of it all.