I returned home tonight after 7 days in League City Texas. Made one pit stop along the way. Sat down to rest a bit and turned on the tube. The show Dateline was on. The story was about this black dude Meek Mill (a rapper) that was sent to prison by a rogue Cop and obsessed Judge. 

You see in 2008 he was arrested for possessing a firearm and allegedly assaulting a police officer. He was 18 at the time. Mill confessed to having a gun. The officer claimed he pointed a gun at him, thus the assault. Mill  said there were ten cops with guns pointed at him, if he would have pointed a gun at them he would be dead.  The arresting officer was the only one that testified at trial.


Here come Da Judge, 


Mill was convicted of drug dealing and gun possession and was sentenced to 11 to 23 months in prison by Judge Genece Brinkley.


After Mill's 2008 conviction, Brinkley would continue to handle Mill's further legal cases. Mill was released during the early portion of 2009 under a five-year parole agreement. In December 2012, Mill was found to have violated his probation and the judge revoked Mill's travel permit.


A stream of parole violations continued over the years,  On March 11, 2017, Mill was arrested at a local airport in St. Louis, Missouri for assaulting two pedestrians. Shortly after his arrest and court appearance, he was given a court summons. On November 6, 2017, he was sentenced to two to four years in state prison for violating his parole. 

​Meek Mill is a rapper with a very rich billionaire pal Michael G. Rubin a minority owner of the 76ers. ​Mr Rubin worked tirelessly for Mill's release with a battery of lawyers and high profile personalty's like such as Jay-Z , Kevin Hart and the new England Patriots owner Robert Kraft who claimed he's a great guy. Wow!


On April 24, 2018, Mill was released pending the outcome of the appeal to the Pennsylvania supreme court. The Philadelphia district attorney had petitioned Judge Brinkley for his release, citing credibility issues with the arresting officer in his initial 2008 conviction. Brinkley had declined and instead scheduled the case for a hearing. Hours after his release from prison, Michael G. Rubin, a minority owner of the Philadelphia 76ers and long-time supporter of Mill, flew Mill in by helicopter to a 76ers basketball game to perform a ceremonial bell-ringing on the court before the start of the game. 



We Have News


Mr Mill is out of prison because of money and influence. Not because he is black and oppressed. We'd also like to say there are other than blacks that suffer from the same law enforcement and courts evil doings. 

The arrests of 177 Bikers in Waco has similar aspects to what Mr Mill (the

rapper) endured. Law enforcement and the courts considers them both a gang element, therefore they are a target. It's easy to vilify, lie and arrest under false pretenses, like Abel Reyna's attempt to gain title. 


This is not a racial problem like Dateline would have you believe. This is a law enforcement and legal systems problem. Until that's addressed nothing changes. It's a vicious circle that doesn't care about color, arrests, convictions, money, influence and corruption robs us all of real justice.

There is no billionaire's with batteries of lawyers and celebrity's  coming to help the Bikers in Waco / Mclennan County, no men with great influence to say "what great guys". No one to say hey these guys are getting the shaft even when their cases are being dismissed without prejudice. 


To our knowledge of the 177 arrested and 154 indicted not a single Biker has had their bonds revoked, but they've been basically imprisoned for the last 3 years by evil men and women of the system gone rogue and works outside of the Constitutions perimeters.   


We The People are left to tell our story as best we can using the might of the Constitution, The truth and God. No Help Needed