1993 Bill Clinton and Janet Reno fired all 93 US attorneys. CNN and the rest of the Fake News organizations never had a problem with it. After all a US attorney works at the Presidents discretion it happens every 4 years. It's only when President Trump asks for 26 resignations there is a "purge", omg ...wow!


Of course there is always one seeking notoriety isn't there? Now former US attorney Preet Brarara (whatever that is) is being thrown out kicking and screaming to the glee of fake news organizations who now scream "The Purge". CNN called Preet a guy that was in never ending pursuit of insider trading and corruption. Key words here never ending and pursuit.


A little digging and we find a Presidential appointed US Attorney makes an average of about $63. an hour. Depending on which source you use that's a little less than a court appointed court lawyer in Texas. Let us point out if you have been recommended to the President you've made a mark somewhere. The question is was the mark based on success as a lawyer or was it political? It's like questioning the validity of degrees from our Universities. 


We're just saying...real or memorex


Remember key words never ending pursuit, it's the perfect government job for an embedded person or person's with political ideologies who's goal is a different kind of success other than personal wealth (could they already have wealth). Maybe this explains a few things we have not considered. Look at the time and money spent on federal investigations and prosecutions. Cases that run on forever with the goal of never going to trial.


If the shoe fits wear it, they are all federal employees who's goal is a never ending paycheck with benefits you and I dream of. Whether it be a US Attorney, FBI or whatever. Have federal employees become a brotherhood of corruption at the highest levels? Preet must not have been worth a damned corruption was all around him in DC, just throw a dart in any direction, The truth is he became another creature of the swamp.

Drug Dealer  

The Biker community has experienced this slow government employee merry -go- round of endless investigations, prosecutions and persecution. A "never ending cycle" of group assassination, innuendos and lies against a whole community.


The sad fact is we have been slow to wake up to the facts. They are there for all of us to see. We must have the dire to stand up and fight back. Not by fighting in the streets with each other or the government. At least not till there is no other option.


We've allowed them to set the stage for our demise whether you be a Biker or citizen that hasn't a clue, busy trying to make a living.They seek to destroy our Constitutional rights as Americans. The question is are you ready yet?    


It's fucking make work to justify their existence.


We're just sayin.