It's no secret that we suffer from a public image problem. Outlaw documentaries (fiction innuendos outright lies) along with the 92 episodes of Sons Of Anarchy over 7 years did not help. The American people fell in love with certain characters like Opie. Sons of Anarchy was one of Fox's highest viewed shows ever. By Season 3 there were 4.9 million per week. Understand there are many Americans who cannot decipher truth from fiction, most shows were written just a few weeks ahead of production and most it it came from Kurt Sutters mind, including Jax's white tennis shoes. 


​Law Enforcement was busy indoctrinating their ranks with old materials provided by groups that call themselves Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Schools. Each one is a scheme to get government monies from the most gullible of LE. $300. a pop for a day of BS. These type schools survive on vilifying Bikers and each year must ratchet it up, hype it up or the monies will dry up. The most gullible attendees are small town police like Waco.


Little did we know we were being set up for the vilification that came along shortly after a fight in the parking lot of Twinn Peaks. Ending with Law Enforcement's kill at will attack on any biker moving or fighting. There were no real clear rules of engagement other than Operations Plans filed By DPS agents that gave each officer the power to become judge, jury and executioner on the spot. Then on top of that fiasco, DA Able Reyna steps in takes over the investigation and comes up with arresting 177 American Citizens, therefore denying the innocent Bikers 1% or not the rights to due process.


Here comes this incredible story from Sgt Swanton that continued for days, full of outright lies and innuendo that went beyond the Bandittos and Cossacks who were targeted by a team of hyped up law enforcement pea brains. They actually had the power to prevent what they claimed they were worried about in the first place. Common sense tells us all a simple show of force sends everyone home to their families. Of course it's in short supply at Six Shooter Junction. 


A COCI Meeting Is Not A Criminal Activity.


We all became easy pickins, the ground work had been laid with years of public viewing, we were labeled Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs for wearing a patch or particular colors. Even the TABC got in on the act until we beat them back to recant their actions of threats and innuendo. 


​With Chaos Come Opportunities 



Clearly our country is being ripped apart by One World Government  Anarchist who's main goal is to make the country ungovernable for the Trump Admin. If the anarchist were to be successful our Constitution would go the way of Waco.


Looking Beyond Our Sphere


Bikers are The Last Free Spirits in America, we are the last line of Defense to save our way of life. We are Defenders of The Constitution, Defenders for those who's Constitutional rights have been violated, Defenders for the American Citizens who've been left behind.


We Unite and Ride Together for what's right, our image will change overnight...
















7:AM 2/14/17


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