We've pointed out the misuse of money, time and manpower by law enforcement at all levels. As it turns out our Governor and State Legislature is also a misguided culprit. Through the federal / state government they created laws that mandate data gathering since 911. Data gathering has gone beyond the scope intended to protect American Citizens. It's now one Constitution violating machine that's spun out of control and lost it focus. 




In this episode of Texas Biker Radio #342 we discuss what we consider the Ultimate Gang out there. It's not Motorcycle Clubs, Veterans or 65 year old Tea Party Members. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out and that it is virtually being ignored by la enforcement, politicians and the media. Matter of fact this gang is protected by them for they are being allowed to grow like a cancer. It's destruction from within lead by progressive political fanatics.


Islamic Terrorism The Ultimate Gang training to kill inside the USA..


You Know It's True....


We do not believe it is possible to defeat all terrorist attacks against Americans, every time and everywhere.

No president or government entity can promise that a catastrophic attack like that of 9/11 will not happen again. History has shown that even the most vigilant and expert agencies cannot always prevent determined, suicidal attackers from reaching a target. Especially when they've lost focus. 

American people are entitled to expect their government to do its very best. They should expect that officials will have realistic objectives, clear guidance, and effective organization. They are entitled to see some standards for performance so they can judge, with the help of their elected representatives, whether the objectives are being met.


We think Texas has a weak link and we are ripe for Terrorist Gang to slip through the cracks. If you bring down Texas you bring it all down...


Focus is key and it's not 1% MC's