Why In The Hell is Mike Pence running for President when he's barley qualified to make the 1st debate. He's a coward, a traitor not to Trump, but the American people.


He helped put us further down the road to a socialist abyss. At the very least he could have used his power to verified the election was on the up and up. Constitutional scholars had differing opinions what role the vp played in verifying election results. It had never been tested. Do you think if the shoe was on the democrat's foot they would have hesitated to use the power of the office to verify questionable election irregularities? 


It was Pence's duty!


Just what could be done to stop an election that clearly has issues unresolved. Those issues have yet to be resolved by the states who clearly cheated in their vote counts.


We are not supposed to question the 2020 elections, yet democrats have not shut up about stolen elections as far back as 2012 to this day. 


Instead Pence folded like a cheap suit using what we now know was a planned riot which included Nancy Pelosi & FBI UC's. Like scared little children the politicians  rushed back into the chamber to certify the electoral votes. Even though the politicians in the chamber were never in danger from the protesters who found open access with waiting Capital Police tour guides that would entrap them and send them to prison for entering the so called people's house.


The only person to be murdered was an unarmed woman protester Asli Babbitt.


Pence is running for President to cover his own ass and attempt to be a Trump spoiler. Pence has proven he can't be trusted to hold rogue political parties accountable for their actions, he is elite republican accountable to nobody, but the party line which includes democrats. Make no doubt party elites cooperate with each other. Pence is now a main stream media darling walking a fine line not to say too much, but just enough.


We should make it clear he is not wanted by Conservatives. Can't be trusted period.