Republican elites are perfectly willing to have Hilary in the White House over Donald Trump or Ted Cruz. Its called protecting their turf.


​Vladimir Putin had it right when he called the American Government an  oligarchy. Which means a small group of democrats and republicans are working together to manipulate and control the country. It really doesn't doesn't matter which group is in power the country slips in the same direction. They will never term limit themselves, they'll stay till they die. 


They can't have anyone rise to the Presidency that they can't control or is not in on the fix.



The American people know there's something wrong, they are tried of being abuse and neglected. They trying to fight back by electing an outsider. The fact that idea is gaining momentum has republican elites spending like mad men on Rubio and negative ads against Trump. So far the people haven't budged an inch Trump remains in the lead.


In steps Mitt Romney, like he has something to say about it. He needs to sit down and shut up.


They only way to beat an oligarchy is to beat the opposition. By voting for the outsiders in an overwhelming fashion and demand accountability dung the election process....


Lets not let them cheat us "Vote The Outsider"