The video above is about anything but ending racial inequality.

Of course we're being facetious with that headline. The problem is there are many whites who won't get out of the way long enough to let blacks know the truth. Young indoctrinated whites are leading blacks to ruin by blindly following. 


Enter the progressive democrats, blm, antifa types, hell bent on keeping blacks on the plantation or at the very least keeping them believing they are oppressed. Even the rich among them. Its more than incredible that during Obama / Biden era there was not one democratic neighborhood that received a helping hand. Decaying neighborhoods, crime, lack of opportunity (jobs) and all around mismanagement of government funds intended for these areas. Look across this land, Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Columbus just to name a few. Remember Obama's shovel ready jobs?


There is not a single black person alive in America that was ever a slave. Systemic racism is a lie perpetrated by the progressive democrats and their minions. Just think, we've elected a black president twice, black mayors, black city council members, police chiefs and the list runs on and on. Many of these people must have white votes to hold their offices. If there is systemic racism in this country it's within the progressive democratic party and those leading the charge, white and black. There is money to be made keeping blacks in poverty and rotting schools.  


We now have white antifa members as the tip of the spear for blacks with rumors and innuendo. Nothing more than fanning the flames of hate and division. Hoping some black person filled full of rage will take action towards police officers and white people in general. 


President Trump did not create this. It's the creation of the progressive democratic party hell bent on socialist / communist tactics. Chaos is the order of the day and they see it as opportunity, now is the time to strike George Soros proclaims.. . Scare the hell out of the people and they will do things not good for them..


​Texas Biker Radio Hosts Popeye and OG called it right years ago when they said the police are going to be in deep trouble for the tactics they've used against the people, especially blacks! Police where headed down a dangerous path.

Popeye pointed out many times after a meeting with Breitbart in Houston, every one with a cell phone is a citizen reporter. That was the results of black congressman claiming white Tea Party members called him the N word. Once again "not true". Progressive democrats went on to call them white supremacists, nazi's, potential terrorists by homeland security (under Obama) and were targeted by the IRS. The Tea Party was born out of government over spending, had nothing to do with race. 


Any of this sound familiar? 


The "video death" of george Floyd shocked the Nation. That image was enough to warrant a massive change in policing tactics and the treatment of all people when they come in contact with the law. But thanks to antifa, the blm and those fanning the flames behind them are going to find out. Protests night after night, after night has destroyed their message. The general public sees them as a nuisance, lead by misguided misfits of the left.


What might replace local policing is going to be worse. Its already happening in Texas. Legislators are meeting for the next session. This will be the number one issue. Governor Abbott is bringing steroids for much maligned police departments who are facing budget cuts. New laws are coming and its not good for anyone. The people are going to applaud, except those that recognize the freedoms lost..


Its for the reasons above we are concerned as Bikers. As we approach the next legislative session in Texas will our issues be heard, since they deal with law enforcement and the courts? Covid and now riots have innocent Bikers in limbo around this state, trials that violate their Constitutional rights. Meanwhile anarchists go free night after night no charges.. 


In the end, if Biden somehow prevails. The useful idiots of the far left "like antifa" will be the first to go. The new socialist government can't have them around to turn on them.


Mark our words..