Donald Trump was right to point out the almost $4 Billion cost of the next generation of Air Force Ones, two to be exact. Sticking it to the tax payer through government contracts is a favorite pass time of corporations who seek them. Cost over runs from day one for most projects. In so many cases the desire to finish a project outweighs common financial since.


We should never do cost plus projects!


Like Trumps says we have stupid people negotiating on behalf of us along with procurement people that can't recognize or don't give a shit we taxpayers are being overcharged for an item. That's how we came to have $600. hammers & $800. toilet seats for aircraft.


Thank God someones now looking at the numbers. our politicians damned sure haven't for the last eight years. 


May we request that any government project requires it to be 100% American built please. Aircraft companies like Boeing have been some of the major exporters of American jobs. Always with the promise it will benefit us with more work for Americans. Not only did American corporations and politicians sell us out but so did our unions who caved at every corner to save their own sorry asses.


​Donald Trump is on the right track believe it or not. Although the media and the left winged wounded poo poo saving 1100 Carrier jobs we must all understand every job saved has a ripple effect on our economy and the country as a whole. Americans that have jobs and have a steady income spend, pay taxes and can take care of their families...


There Is A New More Job Theft On The Horizon



The rise of the machines and artificial Intelligence. Cars that drive themselves, drones that deliver and a Super Market with no registers, no checkout. Restaurants where you order from a machine that can cook 300 hamburgers an hour.


As cool as that sounds that's someone's job going away. 


Here's the one thing we say about that if this is the future. The technology that's used to steal American jobs must be built and installed by American citizens. Otherwise it's war....