We are going to get a clear picture tomorrow of all the Muslim / Terrorist sympathizers in congress as they walk out or don't show for the Netanyahu speech before the congress.



My bet is most will be the congressional black caucus who's full of progressive / communist / socialist types.  Seems as though the progressive democrats have never met a dictator or terrorist they didn't like.


So lets take names and pass the word. These progressive congressman and women are in support of Iran who's killed and wounded more US troops than any other country in the last 2 to 3 decades.


Their mission is to kill Jews, Christians and dominate the world. The progressive politicians will be sending a signal to us, not Netanyahu....


Joe With Minnesota  Imam


Of course there are already indications of who the first terrorist supporters will be besides the dictator in the white house and that would be none other than Joe Biden..


Update: 03/03/15    As of this morning there are at least 50 known congressional / senator terrorist sympathizers not attending the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech. 


Pass It On Especially to a progressive democrat or republican...