If your From McLennan County we strongly suggest you read Robert Callahan's Guest Column in the Waco Tribune. Don't forget their Editorial.


One of the screwed up things about Texas voting is you can be switch hitter and vote Republican or Democrat in the primaries. Since there is no Democratic challenger we suggest you do just that. 


Unless you think the minority community in Waco gets a fair shake under the corrupt thumb of Abel Reyna and the thing they have going on in the Courthouse? It wasn't that long ago a black man was shot 22 times out of 37 shots fired while police were serving him a warrant. Bullets flying everywhere. 


Remember he's perfectly willing to send innocent men & women to prison. Well, unless their "rich donors" they get a pass. Everyone else is a liar and police / DA office always tell the truth right? Let me or you fire a gun out the office window in a government building. Laws for them laws for us.  


I'm just sayin every vote counts why sit it out?


You've really got to have your head in the sand if you can't see the game that's being played by Abel Reyna or your not smarter than a 5th grader or lower. Abel Reyna is dismissing cases recusing himself and staff against bikers he charged with conspiracy to commit murder. Only to avoid a hearing and have himself and his staff go under oath. 


His goal is to get past the primaries and the voters.


For the better part of 3 years we've been working to expose the corruption and collusion to frame the innocent. Which included the FBI, DPS, Waco PD, A JOP, Abel Reyna and a host of good ole boys in the Courthouse. The Judges have become enablers for corrupt Public Officials (OPO's) to trample on our Constitutional Rights and Due Process, nothing more than bullies and thieves through asset forfeitures. 


We've not once said there aren't guilty Motorcycle Club members that got into a fight in the Twinn peaks parking lot. The guilty should have been tried within the first year through video evidence that was available to Abel Reyna and his crack team of investigators.

Testimony in the Trial of Jake Carrizal gave us a clearer picture of what went down May 17th 2015. Every bit of it preventable had common sense and good police work prevailed.


Every party involved that day had been informed of Police concerns, "except 1". The organizers of the event, members of the COCI had no clue what was coming at them. They were simply trying to have a meeting like they've been doing for decades peacefully all across Texas and America. The parking spaces and patio they had reserved were already filled by Cossack's.


Every Club's leadership knows a COCI meeting is sacred ground. It's meant to bring Clubs together regardless of who started it. US Defenders is a political Organization whether the FBI, DPS Abel Reyna likes it or not. 


Like we said the first trial has given a glimpse at the truth. We're not sure Abel Reyna had a clue what the truth is because he can't see past his own ego, he believes what he believes regardless it staring him in the face.


Abel Reyna has choose to sit on it, leaving the innocent in purgatory hell waiting to prove their innocence. Meanwhile he bashes them at every opportunity during his campaign of lies, while they've been unable to respond while under gag orders.



We just ask that you participate om March 6th 2018. Vote! 


Help us fight back against the corruption that plagues our country. It doesn't matter party, it's everywhere.