When you are talking about depriving someone of their liberty in America there is an extremely high standard of proof. There are different levels of proof.

1. Is preponderance of evidence (see it in civil trials):

More likely true than not.

2. Clear and Convincing evidence (civil trials):

The evidence must be highly, substantially, more probable to be true than not.

3. Beyond a reasonable doubt (criminal cases):

The evidence is so strong that there is no reasonable doubt that the defendant committed a crime.

12 people must agree or a Judge there is no reasonable doubt, its a very high standard and should be before you lock anyone in a cage.

For Waco Law Enforcement and the County Judicial System to arrest over 177 people and charge them all with cookie cutter charges with little or no evidence is the reason Able Reyna and Waco are going to lose and lose big.

Law enforcement must avoid impropriety and the appearance of impropriety. They must have clean hands throughout the investigation, arrests, charges and prosecutions.


Will 12 jurors or a judge believe that took place in all 177 cases?

We already know it did not. Law enforcement had a role in making sure everyone was funneled to the parking lot. The TCOCI is a political organization that's been around for decades. They had a right to be there in a peaceable assembly for a political meeting.



​What happened in the parking lot had nothing to do with the people inside TP waiting for a meeting.


There were two sides that had meetings prior to May 17th, Law Enforcement was one of them. The people that scheduled the TCOCI meeting was not contacted by Law Enforcement to express their concerns of danger. The information to do so is public. 


Its also possible many of the Cossacks had no clue why they were there. Some believed there was some sort of truce at hand.


It also could be that under cover law enforcement had influence in fanning the flames. Many confidential informants have revealed they fanned the flames in order to move things along when there was nothing.


The biggest crime from the Waco tragedy is, there was no one in law enforcement with enough commonsense to stop it all and save lives. A simple show of force was called for, not an ambush by a hyped up militarized task force. 


Waco should pay and pay dearly for ruining lives. People should be fired.

This is the reason lawyers are salivating to get the ball rolling and law schools students are laughing at the sheer stupidity of it all…