held Accountable

In a recent media press conference action Police Chief Ed Kraus said don't blame our 1700 Police Officers for the actions of one individual Officer Aaron Dean

who committed a heinous crime and now faces murder charges for killing 28 year old Atatiana Jefferson who was playing video games with her 8 year old nephew. 


This comes on the heels of the Dallas PD's Officer Amber Geyger convicted of murder for gunning down a black man in his own apartment eating ice cream. She's since been sent to prison for 10 years.


3 years ago when talking to Tarrant County Sheriff Bill Waybourn about the amount of Law Enforcement Officers arrested each year across the country I heard almost the same words. One bad apple doesn't spoil the whole bunch.


Hello! Hello! Listen to yourselves!


Why can't we all be equal? Painting people with a broad brush has been their (the law / the courts) favorite pass time for decades. Seems as the only people our law makers are concerned about are people from outside this country. The rest of us can be smeared, profiled, bullied, murdered by the same people that are suppose to protect and serve, defend the Constitution.


Many times they get away with it.


It's exactly whats going on in Milam County and throughout the State of Texas. It's an evil tool that should not be used on American Citizens to fill databases for misguided Law Enforcement led by the Governor of Texas. It's anything but by the people for the people.


The Black communities of Texas are literally breaking down doors, exposing the corrupt culture embedded in Law Enforcement, DA's Offices and the Courts.


They have paid the price for too long.


But the fact is we've been pointing all this out for quite some time. Many courts delay, delay, delay. This is another tactic used to harass and create difficulties for those cannot afford long courtroom battles and lawyers fees. Many accept plea bargains although they are not guilty of the crimes they are accused of.


In our view it's giant make work program for lawyers, judges and the Law who pray on those who can least afford to defend themselves, this would include the middle class, the poor, druggies who are on a jail merry-go-round.


We pay for this..


Patrick says hell no I want to go to trial in front of a Jury. If the DPS isn't wanting to give up evidence to the defense they are violating the 6th Amendment. Patrick has a right to a speedy trial, to face his accuser and in this case it's the person who entered him into the gang database which is nothing but hearsay by another biased individual indoctrinated into a false narrative. 


If you can't blame the Fort Worth PD for the actions of one of their officers who's guilty of a horrible crime, how do you blame Patrick who's committed no crime at all??


Soon will be the time to go all in. Truth is on our side, get ready to ride...