It's been reported that groups of Bikers are being stopped going into Galveston. Of course without video we have no real proof this is true. But it does fit with whats going on around Texas where we know it happening, Fort Worth, Hamilton, Grandbury just to name a few.


The chance of being profiled Club Member or not is is high. The Lone Star Bike Rally would provide prime pickens for law enforcement especially the DPS and local gang units who claim to be after MS13 Members. They aint gonna find them on Motorcycles!


Once again we are asking All Bikers, if you are stopped profiled or harassed, video video video, it is you right to video as long as you are not interfering, do not let them tell you otherwise. Then get it to us or video it live on FB. Be calm & cool, know your rights TEXAS BIKER RADIO #316  


If you are stopped profiled or harassed contact Popeye at