The Russians Are Coming


As I watched the main stream connected local news this afternoon the talking head said Obama had thrown sanctions against Russia for hacking the DNC without offering one shred of proof. All of this may fall under the fake news catagory.


We all know the game by now.


They think if they say it enough over and over again we'll think it true. Progressives, progressive politicians (republicans & democrats) and especially the progressive media thinks we are stupid. Maybe you can throw in the FBI and CIA into the progressive catagory of goof balls. 


​One progressive claimed the Russians didn't hack voting machines, they merely got into our heads and nudged us to vote Trump. This is the minds of our typical politicians who think we cannot decipher the information on the candidates for ourselves. We submit to you it wasn't hacking or Hillary emails that did her in.


It was simply 8 years of progressivism and ignoring the people


Jobs Jobs Jobs Stupid!


94 Million Americans Quit Looking For Work.  


Here's the problem they all have in common and is the main reason Americans chant drain the swamp. They have all lied, cheated, colluded, corrupted, reported fake news and robbed the tax payers for decades.The people have rejected Obama's fundamental change and they've had it with the shit coming out of DC. 


This has nothing to do with Russians or Putin


It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what's going on here. This is about vilifying Putin and Russia so bad that Trump has a hard time making any type of negotiations or agreements with them. Peace nick liberals are now war mongers. We have the usual suspects in both party's making all kinds of allegations about Russia and on top of that! we have two morons jumping around the Baltic Countries saying we got your back. Way back "right"? Hell, if we no longer trust their sorry asses why should anyone else? 


It's a known fact along with Obama, McCian & Graham

have a bone on for Putin


It was reported just a day or two ago our very own john McCain and Lindsey Graham are visiting the Baltics to spread holiday cheer and be wined and dined by countries who want something. Mainly our protection or maybe weapons.


2013 - Remember these two also went to Syria long enough to do news interviews and tell us the Syrian Rebels they were standing next to were good guys. It's been reported the rebels also include ISIS fighters. Imagine that!


Russian Embessy Tweet
Russian Embessy Tweet

This is a more than fitting tweet for our Wussy President who's been on an 8 year apology tour for anyone that would listen. His strategy of leading from behind and capitulating to our enemies showed him to be weak and unconcerning. It didn't take long for our enemies to fill the void he left behind and take advantage, like ISIS and Iran. The world now sees Obama as a joke. Unskilled in negotiations his administration gave away again and again with nothing in return. His administration threw away billions of tax payer dollars to the despots of the world which included Iran.


Now Obama whines about Russia meddling in our elections as if we have not done the same to other countries for decades. The list is long. 



As much as we hate to say it. When we see Putin we see a guy that stood up for his country. A guy who is not afraid to say muslim terrorist, a guy that figured out how defeat an enemy in the mid east, a guy not afraid of collateral damage in war when the enemy is being harbored by terrorist sympathizers.


It was clear back during the Olympics young Russian admired Putin

Putin Rides 

Obama's Legacy  


A Sell Out - A Fake - A Wussy - A Pussy - A Liar - A Vacationer- A Traitor - A Community Organizer - A Junior Senator - A Muslim -

A Whiner - Terrorist Sympathizer 


Actions and non actions and arrogance have consequences. When you abandon the people they will rise up. Progressive and party elites should take note. Obama had his way for 8 years. Yours is coming no matter how much you try to vilify Putin and take our eye from you... 


Won't Work! get on board or move out of the f**king way..


You! The congress and senate have inflicted great damage on our country because we took our eye off of you.


Politicians stood by for 8 years and let Obama flood the country with immigrants who have no intention of assimilating, pissed away billions to enrich supporters, friends and terrorists like Iran. Now you stand by as he trashes and throws fits on the way out.