Before you run out to buy a Indian Motorcycle because Harley has gone woke and is now supporting the indoctrination of young children into a lifestyle they do not understand. Matter of fact children are taught to question their own gender in public & some private schools. Children are being groomed into the lifestyle at every level by teachers, teachers unions..


Behold the Jack Daniel's paint scheme on Indian Motorcycles. We can't figure out why they would latch on to a woke partner. It's Motorcycle sales are a highly competitive business. Staying out of the frey seems like a good idea to us, but to understand why iconic brands would latch on to organizations that are pushing the indoctrination of children and the public as a whole you must know these 3 letters "ESG". The way we see it if these corporations don't comply they could be refused a loan or maybe a bailout if needed. Government is trying to push ESG onto every American not just corporations. Your financial institutions are all in on this.


But really right now this is a "choice" to go woke due to threats by government and so called NGO's. This also means they might be funding their own demise, can we all say Bud Light in the loafers. This reminds of Jesse Jackson's rainbow coalition that shook down corporations to the tune of millions. 


The difference was he wasn't pushing pedophilia he was pocketing money left and right. Like today's evil doers they are never held accountable, matter of fact it's worse.Seems like there is a shakedown artist at every corner in and out of government.


Bottom line is we must all understand what they are pushing off on children, this is true pedophilia. There are no shortages of video's like this one on youtube. It's there for your child to log on and watch, it's public for your child to watch. Parades can include local police, fire departments, city employees, unions and possibly Military men and women. The list runs on and on..  


Pedophil Parade



Watch For Popeye comment in a podcast soon...