There is a reason you should stay out of federal Courts at all costs. We thought the evidence hiding and gerrymandering by the McLennan County courts system was bad. They aint got nothing on Federal Courts where everything is controlled and rigged in their favor. Even the Judges comments to the media. It's designed to push the narrative.


It's a machine that Abel Reyna and Mclennan County tried to emulate on a massive scale.


 San Antonio:  With jurors dismissed for the day, Senior U.S. District Judge David Ezra noted the law required him to view the evidence in the light "most favorable" to the government (so this is not an impartial Judge he's in on the fix), and he found that prosecutors made sufficient showing for all 13 charges to remain against the defendants. Surprise Surprise


The judge said the evidence was less direct against Pike than Portillo, and this may be, as the government alleges, because Mr. Pike was very smart and astute and insulated himself.



So the Judge is injecting his thoughts when he says "may be" (how about maybe not)? He also painted a target on Pike's back publicly.


The judge stressed his findings were not to be taken as a statement on the pair’s guilt or innocence because that will be up to jurors to decide.


If that's true why make a statement at all? Just do your job whatever that might be!


But there's more from Da Judge.  “As the testimony showed, these were not individuals who were totally passive and pacifists,” Ezra said. “These are people who ran around with 1 percenter patches, and some who reveled in violence. ... You can foresee, viewing the evidence in the light most favorable to the government, that Mr. Pike and Mr. Portillo were well aware of the consequences.”

The Key word is "some", The Judge is now an OMG expert, meaning "Oh my God" "Et Tu Brute"! Clearly the Judge has no clue and has not read or seen our video on the history of how 1% Clubs came about. The Judge has been indoctrinated in our view. 


So the prosecutors rest early after weeks of word games by what are now snitches and LE Officers. Makes us wonder if they were worried about jury backlash for going on and on without mentioning much about the Drug charges they might be guilty of? 


For any group to be branded as a "criminal organization or enterprise" we would think the crooks within the government must prove beyond a shadow of doubt that everyone within the organization was in on it and aware of crimes taking place.


"Any Group"!


Knowing what little we know about the 1% world common sense tells us the narrative put forth by the government is false. It's just another conspiracy theory with a little bit of truth, a whole lot of fiction and hearsay. Common sense tells us nobody agrees 100% in this day and age. Especially when your talking crimes and murder that will land you in prison for life or worse. 


The FBI itself described tier two OMG's are at best opportunist. Meaning that someone sees a chance to make easy money they may do it without the MC as a whole knowing it. We've pointed out law enforcement OPO's has the same issues but worse because they have opportunities and a badge.

The way large MC's are set up most regions run autonomous from each other, once again not everyone is on the same page. The left may not have a clue what the right is doing. it's something that just happens even though the structure is not set up that way. 


Dear Judge Ezra, the majority of MC's (even 1%) are working things other than what you might think. Many good things in fact. Your public statements tells us "you" are part of the team pushing the narrative. Not everyone can be painted as a villain when the facts are not there to prove it 100%.


This is just an observation from the outside looking in as any other citizen might be. Truth is often controlled and buried by the law and the courts. Controlling the narrative in the courtroom and the public is a game we must learn to play. 


We did well in Waco and we are not finished by a long shot. There too the truth is buried. Truth is buried just below the surface of lies as we wait for the next move by the shattered DA's office in Mclennan County.


Beware the Judges in upcoming meetings demand charges be dropped against the innocent now for they are in violation of the Bikers Constitutional Rights.