Fort Worth Stockyards 11/10/18


Sons of Liberty Riders MC not only did they accomplish their mission to push back they discovered something new. With a dozen police standing by as they rode in review for the Fort Worth Police and Stockyard tourist they noticed something missing. The Fort Worth PD SRT Unit and Sgt Steroid was nowhere to be seen. You know the Unit that claimed they owned Fort Worth and waste time chasing innocent Bikers using frivolous traffic violations.


​While gathering at Strokers we had reports of helicopters flying over the Stockyards but when we got there it was what we now call "Fort Worth PD Lite". The question now is, were they told to stand down? Maybe it was the possibility of more videos of bad behavior by the SRT Unit and Sgt Steroid. We believe that's was the case. We made it very public we were on the hunt for more videos.


​There were certainly ample opportunities for the boys of the SRT to do their thang. 3 different times at 45 min intervals we rode through the Stockyards with 3 different committees of cops


.#1. a groups of cops huddled together as we rode by non threatening and one even waved as the tourist did.


#2.  This time we ride through and they did not expect us, one jumped on his radio and others took pictures..


#3.   not expecting us Popeye puts his Gopro right on the group, one particular cop puffed up as if he was going to make his move, we think he wanted to rip our faces off.


​We are sure whats heartbreaking for them is the tourists love us and are interested in hearing what we have to say.


Good for us - Bad for the SRT


Respect Join us Wave 2 Stockyard Stampede  TBA