BTR Comment: You have to understand liars and thieves have been caught influence peddling and possibly worse, treason comes to mind. There are reasons Hillary handled her business on personal servers outside of government computers and oversight. You have to be incredibly stupid or a progressive not to figure this out.


We believe foundations which are mostly a tool of the rich and super rich. They are nothing more than a way to launder money tax free disguised as a charity. The Clinton's have taken it to a new level, they've been raking in the dough with quid pro quo schemes with connections they've made over decades. 


Uranium One is just one of them. 


​Lets say Hillary has successfully destroyed all the evidence she has within her control. Its gone now she denies, denies, denies, try's to destroy the messenger and here comes the great right wing conspiracy as a defense.


Here comes the kicker, there is no honor among thieves. You know there is some evidence out there somewhere. There is someone in the shadows with information that can hang them all. 


You know its out there..


What we have now is a presidential candidate who is a proven liar but is now subject to blackmail. What mountains would they move, what deals would they make to keep evidence out of the public eye that would bring them down once and for all...


What difference doe it make? Plenty!


We The People are sick and tired of the government empire built by politicians in both parties.


We The People are sick and tired of back room deals.


We The People are sick and tired of their version of transparency.


We The People are sick and tired of politicians enriching themselves while we struggle to make ends meet.


We The people are sick and tired of government control.


We have the right to seek a new government, as this one is corrupt and beyond hope...


The list runs on and on, we are coming for you with a ballot box revolution.....


Go Home  Get A job out of public office... 


Progressive Democrat
Progressive Democrat