I can't imagine a better day for the All For 1 community. Numbers, we don't need numbers if what's being reported by the media has any truth in it.


You will always hear me talk about the mission behind the mission. Mel "OG" Robins and I will talk about it on the next Texas Biker Radio Show #241.


The turn out was as expected 40 at it's peak with late arrivals, but you always hope for the best. One of these days we will surprise them. Like I said there is always a mission behind the mission. Regardless of numbers it was more than successful. It was also eye opening for several reasons. We'll talk about it on Texas Biker Radio #241 Sunday or Monday night.

Thanks to the core AF1 members who shows up every time. True Patriots who cares about the Constitution and fellow Bikers. Thanks to the Rev for the perfect invocation and to our hang around Duane Coppedge

for providing a Flag that flew for our troops in Afghanistan. There is nothing more fascinating than exercising your Constitutional Rights and being protected by the law from the law.

Captain McGee of the McClennan County Sheriffs Department was more than a gracious host. Most of the officers we had contact with we've seen from the previous rallies. Smiles were on their faces asking us if we needed anything?  The entire records building parking lot was blocked off for us (we didn't need all of it). The south side of the court house is better than the front since it is shaded by trees for the audience. Perfect!

Will we go back?

You bet....

We should have video within the next couple of days.


There was a shooting before our event took place. Let us point out it had nothing to do with us.


A Black man in a white T shirt passed us on the sidewalk maybe an hour before the rally started. He Went over to the farmers market. Maybe 10 minutes before the rally start time he came back through the parking lot designated for motorcycles only. At that point an officer saw he had a large kitchen knife (we were told). He was told to stop, he did not. The chase was on as officers started pulling hand guns. A few minutes earlier I had counted 12 deputy's around that parking lot.


Within seconds officers came out of buildings from every which direction, pulling fire arms along the way. They shot him 3 or 4 times boom boom boom with a bean bag gun (or whatever) and he kept going, officers then caught up with him and took him down without killing him. Cool heads, someone should teach WPD.


Some Sheriff Deputy's had on the familiar tactical green uniforms, I did not see any high powered weapons, then again I did not see the bean bag gun (whatever it was) that had no effect or missed the suspect because he kept on truckin.


Many of our brothers are now saying the dudes in tactical greens were snipers hiding in the shadows and were viewing us through their scopes. Some said they saw them in the adjacent building looking through open windows. I did not see them, Mel Robins said he did not and several others when asked (yes we were looking). 


If there were all these people hiding in the shadows what a victory for us that would be. I mean the mission behind the mission. What a disaster it would be to have a trigger happy head case do the unthinkable to peaceful protesters which everyone knows we are. Even in 6 shooter junction there is a point they cannot be protected for killing the innocent over and over without being looked at.


Many will say that's exactly what happened at Twinn Peaks and before that the Branch Dividians where children were murdered. In both cases the high Sheriff could have stepped in and had a say. Common sense would help. Some how Baylor U is lacking in producing students with that. All you have to do is look at the grads running Waco & McClennan County's judicial system. Yep, good ole boys! 


Most of us are Veterans and we do not respond well to intimidation, especially when we are doing the right thing for the right reasons. We'll push back verbally with protests & rallies peacefully, you see it's our right to do so dispite a heavy handed LE and ill informed public. Who's responsible of that? Fake News like Waco Tribune that regurgitates a flow of LE misinformation. Can you say Piggly Wiggly?   


According to the Waco Tribune we now have new tools. Waco will see us again to test this out. The same peace loving guys and gals seeking real justice for the innocent..


Captain McGee is proof we can talk and interact with  with civility & respect. We are not criminals, we're just people who love motorcycles that look a little different. Go to any mall, any college campus you want to see different. Just like law enforcement we have some bad apples, just not as many. Turn on the nightly news if you can take it?


To simply put it we are looking for a voice of reason in a world gone mad.


See you all on Texas Biker Radio #241 day & time will be announced soon - check All For 1 FB page Sunday evening.