Judge Peeples of San Antonio appointed to hear a court of inquiry to determine if McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna or Waco police Detective Manuel Chavez lied (perjured themselves) during a hearing last year in the Twin Peaks shootout cases dismissed the proceedings Thursday.


Of course Peeples did the unthinkable!  Who didn't see this coming?  There's a tight circle going on here in Texas. It's obvious that one or the other lied under oath. The fact is they were caught off guard in their testimonies under oath. 


​The men in black robes want to ignore it..


It didn't take us two minutes to figure out the good ole boy connection, the "republican party", the powers that be have decided to go down with the ship full speed ahead for the next Biker not guilty of a crime  another Bandido more than likely.


​Another Judge comes in to save the day as we've seen so many in this crooked exercise they call Texas justice. They've had their way so long they consider themselves above the law. Judge Peeples used the most flimsy excuse ever heard to dismiss serious charges against a sitting DA & Law Officer. 


WT reports the court of inquiry would have focused on an Aug. 8, 2016, hearing in which Reyna testified to what Broden calls “extensive discussions” he had with Chavez before Chavez signed the identical, “fill-in-the-name” Twin Peaks arrest warrant affidavits for 177 motorcyclists after the May 17, 2015, shootout at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco.

Chavez testified he never spoke to Reyna that night.


Peeple's wrote, “My decision rests on two separate and independent bases. First, I conclude that the evidence of perjury is insufficient and does not justify continuing the court of inquiry.


​Then on top of that lie, he had a concerned about the court of inquiry being initiated out of Dallas instead of McLennan County, "Really"!


The Code of Criminal Procedure allows “any district judge of this state” to initiate a court of inquiry. "Hello Peeps"! 


Old Chart 


The fact is all the arrests were based on a false affidavit. The difference is the public is watching. So now we have a new entity to add to the Good Ole Boy flow chart of McLennan County. It's going to make it run hay wire sense the Republican Party controls everything in McLennan County along with Baylor U. 



But let us say we are no fans of democrats who have not won what we consider a major victory in McLennan County in the last decade or so.. We have to look deep, many democrats jumped ship realizing the could not get elected as a democrat in McLennan County. Beware what you get when voting for either party..


Able Reyna was really unknown when he was elected. He now has a track record and it's not good. McLennan County is going to be liable for the his ego to the tune of millions.  It doesn't warrant your vote..