We find it incredible that any police officer might ask that question, especially one that the news media runs to. Cleveland Police Officer Steve Loomis, We'll explain from our point of view.. 


Texas Bikers pre May 15th, 2015 for the most part were really not very political outside of motorcycle safety issues and supporting the National Save the Patch & Motorcycle Profiling Movements. While we were minding our own business doin our thang the rest of the country was busy killing itself. Every bit of it by design.


After what we call the Waco massacre and the arrest of 177 bikers who were denied due process and Constitutional Rights we started organizing protests, digging for information, forming alliances, creating our own media which continues to this day. We now have a DA that paces back and forth from a quagmire they created. 


In the process we discovered at the root of it all is the "aggressive nature" and "militarization" of all Law Enforcement Agencies across America. Anyone outside of their sphere is considered a threat. As one local officer said to us recently about their training. it's design so we do not receive a scratch. That may explain shootin bikers in the back, a 6 cop take down, shooting a mentally challenged person wheeling a screw driver or a child with a toy pistol. The question we've been asking for over a year now, is the training so intense, so aggressive, so military like, that respect for the citizen no matter who he or she may be is totally disregarded for safety concerns.


But whats more damaging is the continued lack of accountability that is so obvious to us all. We've certainly witnessed it in Waco and now the Nation has recognized that the fix is in at all levels of government, which includes law enforcement, DA's, Grand Jury's and all the way up to the top offices in the land.


The good news is when you check the FBI data base on OPO's Outlaw Public Officials which includes law enforcement you find there has been thousands of arrests and convictions over the last decade or so. Bad news is the ones that are caught on video doing the deed and getting away with it.. 


The police have more day to day contact in bad situations and in this day and age makes them more vulnerable to ridicule by those on the scene, especially those with a cell phone. Law enforcement has failed to adapt to new technology, instead they continue their aggressive nature, military tactics and more often than not are never held accountable for their actions. Now in many circles they are the "bad guys".


Now here comes the anarchist and it starts at the top if you know who that might be, Congressional Black Caucus, Black Lives Matter, New Black Panthers, Code Pink, whatever new name acorn uses and other $16.00 an hr protesters who could give a damned less about anything other than their agenda. Many haven't a clue of what that is. Soaking up all the money they can from the likes of George Soros, Clintons, Opra   and other left winged communist/socialist organizations. ABC. NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, PBS, BET, HBO, we can keep going..


The blood and controversy mainstream media who carries out day to day orders from the left winged side of government fans the flames of racial and economic division in unison.  


Let it be known when these loony tune leaders of these organizations start calling for the murder of anyone, cop, white, black, brown they have stepped over the line. That is a threat and if someone acts upon it they should be held accountable. They have become no better than ISIS. Free speech is not an open checkbook.


The leaders of these organizations are just like the muslim cleric's who never do the deeds themselves. Oh hell No! They don't want to die or rot in prison, they want a dead brain indoctrinated fool to do it. There is no shortage of young people who have been indoctrinated as victims. 


Where doe it all end? No were good! The Media and University anarchist will continue as long as we continue to watch, as long as the money flows in both directions and as long as the Oligarchy needs protection. Evil is just around the corner in all directions.


If it keeps up the people will "demand action". Note that law enforcement is already asking for more military type hardware, suspension of open carry, special catagory of crime for killing a police officer..


Killing is killing, dead is dead, what category you fit in means nothing to the killer or the dead, they just want to kill, the dead just wants to live.


 It's a waste of time but it may make us feel better..


How about being held accountable for all??



Al Sharpton