It seems it's taken a pandemic to expose the tyranny that exist within Texas and the country, but Odessa Texas. We now have the "protest police" along with the "occupancy police" using heavy armed vehicles. Sons Of Liberty Riders MC has been sounding the alarm for years of the tyranny that exist within the law and courts. They've even hosted and attended 2nd amendment rallies in central and east Texas.


The Mission To Defend The Constitution

& Those Who've Had Their Constitutional Rights Violated

Never Ends For SOLR MC


We're no strangers to protests. It took Waco to expose the tyranny that exists within our courts along with the law that tried to send 154 Motorcyclist to jail for up to 45 years for being witnesses at best. That was a big fail by law enforcement, DA's Office and the Courts that colluded with one another, but not without the lose of life from a rogue Waco PD / DPS hell bent on creating an ambush.


The coronavirus is providing the nation with a good look at what Bikers have experienced for decades, vilification, intimidation, harassment, jailed minor traffic violations, felony charges against the innocent. All of it backed up by a rigged court system of good ole boys. It's the old normal and nothing new.


The high Sheriff of Ector County Mike Griffis says he received a call from a citizens snitch about armed men at the business of Gabriella Ellison. Clearly this dumb butt is not a Constitutional scholar, nor does he have a clue of what groups of people have the right to seek redress from their government. The last time we checked 2nd Amendment advocates are what we call "The People".

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The people in Odessa should be concerned since the high sheriff and his minions are ready to take up arms in favor of the government. Even if "The People" are out of work, starving, losing the businesses and sense of well being. Whats worse is Odessa has 87 cases and 4 deaths which is hardly a pandemic. There is really nothing to get his big ass panties in a wad about. Work precautions are called for, not moving into poverty by a sheriff. This is tyranny at it's worst and should be an awakening for all. 


So now the sheriff has filed criminal carry charges against those participating in the Open Texas protest even though they've broke no law. We've seen this too many times with a more than willing judges to back them up, even when they are wrong. The 2nd Amendment guys are going to be taken for a ride for daring to participate in a protest with long rifles as is their right to do so per the 2nd Amendment of the Bill of Rights. Last we heard the sheriff's oath included defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. So the typical drill when it comes to Bars or Restaurants is to call on the TABC to make threats. They will do so based on the sheriffs word (intimidation). If the sheriff doesn't give a damned that the Bar owner has a dying business in a place that has relatively few cases of covid 19. What recourse is there but to defy and protest unjust orders & rules that are not laws. We look around and see so many are getting a pass and others are pleading for scraps. 


As one sheriff's deputy in Burnet County Tx told "it's because I can"....


Whats going on in Texas? It's clear to see for anyone with half a brain many socialist democrats in our State think they have the upper hand with the help of COVID19 and will do anything to lead us into poverty. #1 it's the fastest way to fundamentally change America. #2 is they think it will hurt Trumps chances for reelection.


Remember "never let a good crises go to waste. It's the very reason democratic politicians are foot dragging the return to work and using heavy handed scare tactics through the media, the law, the courts. The weak minded will fall for it. For the last month or more people are beginning to question the science behind it all. Was it wise for scientist to recommend shutting the whole country down based on what was going on in New York and models with no data to support them. Did science lead the President off the cliff? 


If we let this continue we'll have a whole new generation dependent on government and they will be of the educated class. Who will give up their freedoms without a fight. It's sad to think our Constitution is hanging by a thread. There are those within the law and courts ready to help those that would rule over us all as kings and queens. Guys like Sheriff Griffis are useful Jesters and nothing more..


That is if we don't fight back.


Some How Sheriff Griffis Missed This Part - Texas Sheriff's Association 


Every Texas Sheriff, upon assuming their office, took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the great state of Texas. Of course, the Sheriffs of Texas are committed to uphold their oath of office. It goes without saying that Texas Sheriffs recognize that Amendment II of the Constitution provides that “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” and that Amendment IV provides that “the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated…”