With crime soaring in Dallas the Police department has time to chase Bikers up and down the road, pull them over keep them there for over an hour and then claim they are there to protect them.


My God! There's enough crime in Dallas City Hall alone to keep Dallas Police busy, one arrest after the other with all kinds of favoritism shown to the rich & well connected. Not to mention school children in Dallas are being robbed at gun point for electronic gadgets and cell phones. Parents are in a panic with no arrests. The drug epidemic is so bad in the metroplex one school district is planning drug testing for middle school students. If they really want to help solve crime go help "Build That Wall". 


Do we really think waiting for hours on end to chase Bikers up and down the road just for data is a justified use of police officers time? When real crimes are taking place in a City that is nothing short of the OK Corral (six shooter junction) shootings almost everyday / night it is nothing short of ludicrous. Rarely do they involve Bikers. Clearly there are no rocket scientist with that community as gang members were right under their nose during these operations, yep I talked to a couple so close you could throw a rock and hit a squad car with a cop wasting time. 


We got a anonymous tip on Thursday. They saw something and said something to us. Dallas PD had a meeting where they were told to get anyone wearing a patch into "their" database. From what we can tell the profiling and harassment is centered at I-20 and Bonnie View Road which runs right by the Flying J and Travel America Center.


We're here to protect you has got a big laugh out of everybody. There has been some arrests on gun charges, so keep that in mind if your going anywhere near there wearing a patch, the probability of being stopped is high, even just being on two wheels.


​So we think it's not about profiling anymore? After years of profiling most 1% Club members are in some sort of database, it's gotta be getting redundant, nothing new here. Databases that are collected by biased individuals that will benefit in some way, monetarily,  promotions, political.


At this point we are to believe this is more about power, harassment and the hopes of finding anything they can to show success. Shades of Waco and decades of vilification. We call it trolling, It's a tactic we've used our selves in reverse. 


In our view their 1st, 4th, 14th and 2nd Amendments are being violated. It's clear they either are ignorant or don't give a damned about our Constitutional Rights. It's a gestapo at work with elements of the keystone cops in charge.  


​We as American Citizens have a right to peaceably assemble no matter what you might be wearing and that includes patches.