On today's Radio Show we talked about creating a community outcry which can produce change. This is what we see with the black lives matter movement, a well organized sustained community creating outcrys across the Nation. It's all right out of the rules for radicals and never let a good crises go to waste. 



In the pic above is a protester pushing the limits with Mickey Mud Turtle which was the wrong guy if he was trying to create a physical reaction. Of course the media ate it up.


BLM actually has the Law back on their heals. Its to the point the law does not show up in riot gear for fear they might incite a riot, which is a good thing in our book. The hyped up militarization of Law Enforcement has the Nation on edge, after all they've misused this power to gun down the citizens they are suppose to protect and serve.  Waco is a prime example.


Law Enforcement is under a microscope as they should be for they way they've treated blacks and average citizens that do not have the ability to fight back legally. 


Fight back against a system that sees us all as potential criminals. Because of skin color, what you might be wearing, your mode of travel, where your from, money, social status and the lack of understanding the justice system that now makes up rules as they go. The average schmuck doesn't stand a chance against a stacked deck.


Far too many citizens no matter what color have been tried and executed on the spot. Many victims of the law were never a threat.


Thank God for video cameras and the New Media where we at least have a chance to see the truth good or bad. Used correctly it should protect both sides.


We'd like to point out that "All Lives Matter"! The injustice has to stop and for us Bikers it starts in Waco and should spread Nation Wide....


Our outcry has to be different but on a massive scale. There is no Federal Justice department coming to defend us. We must organize and do it ourselves....


Biker Unite!



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