After 29 months the first Twinn Peaks Biker  trial is supposed to start Monday morning. So much for speedy trail requests by the innocent. Cassie Gotro says she's ready to go. The court room fire ball has put the judge and prosecutors on notice, she's not going down without a fight for her client Jake Carrizal. 


It's in our view Jurors must realize there are innocent bikers that had no part in the parking lot fight. We plan to be in front of the courthouse on Monday morning in Support of the Constitutional Rights of Bikers that have been denied by the McLennan County prosecutors and the Courts.  


The prosecutors and the courts will have law enforcement everywhere to trying to sway the jury. We feel 1 or 2 jurors should at least have knowledge of motorcycles. No juror should come from law enforcement or be a county official because the courts and prosecutors can't be trusted. They've already shown their willingness to tamper with jury's and trial order. We'll keep a close eye on that. The questionnaires for the potential jury should be made public for all to see. 


So get your signs Monday morning and let's roll..


Note: Page 32 Texas Gang Assesment report 2017 third paragraph from bottom "not all" support club members participate in criminal activities, all small number may. We submit to you its' that way throughout all MC's , as the FBI said in their report, the Bikers that commit drug crimes are opportunist who see a chance to make quick money, violent crimes may be when they are forced to defend themselves. Sounds a lot like Law Enforcement?