Waco The Evil Among Us – Nov. 30th 2017 Cassie Gotro said she was suspicious of who was behind Abel Reyna’s decisions and actions, before and after Twinn Peaks. Abel Reyna, The FBI, The DPS, Texas Rangers all sitting on evidence before and after the Jake Carrizal trial, it continues to this day. We have a system that’s been given too much power with little to no oversight. The DOJ, FBI, DPS, the judicial system in general has spun out of control and are out of bounds from the Constitution. It’s not our law it’s their law being forced upon us?


The courts in McLennan County demonstrates a judicial nightmare for all that fall within their clutches. It’s been hard to watch for the last 30 months as innocent Bikers had their lives turned upside down by a rogue government with an agenda. Is it nothing more than funding for endless investigations? One giant make work program for federal and state workers?


Bikers have been made easy targets with decades of vilification by Fed and State law enforcement. Truth to fact doesn't matter.  Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters (Albert Einstein).


One thing is clear the narrative was sold to Abel Reyna by some government entity yet to be named. They are all protected in the name of the law and have each other’s backs to a point.


Abel Reyna has reached that point and many think he’s been hung out to dry. Just who screwed this mess up is unclear, was it Abel Reyna? The DPS are puppets of the FBI, the FBI has lost all credibility with the people? The Texas Rangers are worthless. You have a Sheriff that swings which ever way the wind blows. The Texas Attorney General sees himself protector in Chief and Governor Abbott hasn't a clue.


It's now officially a turf protection war among Outlaw Public Officials (OPO's) and we've only scratched the surface of questions that need to be answered. 


Just who advised Abel Reyna to fight for Jake Carrizal’s trial first? Cassie Gotro pointed out the obvious. Reyna jumped past a slam dunk, a Cossack that murdered Jesus “Mohawk” Rodriguez on video. Clearly the Bandidos and so called OMG’s are the favorite federal targets. Was it government influence that pushed 155 indictments that included the innocent? Was it government influence that a Bandido be tried first? The influence was so powerful they let a murderer walk the streets 30 months later as Cassie Gotro pointed out.. Watch this outtake:





As a Nation we've sunk to new lows and our children are being indoctrinated to hand what's left of our freedoms over to the evil men and women we see each and every day now. The evil we see within State & federal government is a feeding machine and we haven't seen the worst of it.


Is our society a reflection of the evil we see within government or are they a reflection of us? A people with no ethics, no morals, easily lead to our own demise. Is that what we've become? 


​There is a reason the powers within government has opened the flood gates of foreigners who don't understand freedom, people who depend on government and don't understand our Constitution.


Fundamentally changing the country they call it. 



Waco is the eye opener and the machine has hit a snag. That being The Last Free Spirits In America, the American Biker. Whether your a Bandido, 1% Club or Independent we will fight back with all we have, learn, adapt, organize. We will not bend or waver in support of the Constitution and God..


Cassie Gotro thinks 90% of the cases of Bikers will be dismissed which means Six Shooter Junction is in dire straits, they are exposed for what they are, evil men and women that wear badges, robes, faceless people in the background that wear thousand dollars suits... A microcosm of our government as a whole. 


They are not us and they will pay.. Get out while you can Abel the pit bulls are out and hungry for truth.. Your puppet masters will abandon you soon..