The OIG advances the Agency’s mission by expeditiously providing findings and recommendations to the Public Safety Commission, the Director, and other members of the Agency regarding policy and law violations. OIG maintains a workforce committed to performance, excellence, and accountability by working together to ensure that:


•Our activities result in needed change and are responsive to agency needs;


•Our opinions and products are independent, objective, and accurate;


•Our workforce is highly competent and seeks opportunities for continual improvement;


•We act with professionalism, integrity, and transparency.




•Readily accept and review each complaint received with the deserved level of attention;



•Be proactive in preventing and identifying misconduct, fraud and abuse of office through
analysis of data trends;


•Independently investigate, evaluate and recommend a fair classification based upon

facts, ignoring all irrelevant factors;


•Provide employees confidence and protection against complaints and allegations
lacking merit or actual violation of law and policy;


•Provide timely information to the Public Safety Commission, Director and all divisional and
regional directors requiring their attention, involvement and action;


•Minimize misconduct by providing employee training and guidance on problematic
trends and issues;


•Enhance public and employee confidence in the integrity of the processing and
investigation of misconduct allegations against DPS employees.