When you look at headlines around the country and the chaos that government at all levels has slipped into it's not hard to see why the Judicial systems in McLennan County and Texas are they way they are.


Has the chaos bubbled up or has it bubbled down? 


First of all lets admit Laws For Us & Laws For Them is real. We've let it get this way by not paying attention to those who work for us, they now rule over us with an iron fist and we can't or won't get rid of them. They have us Waring with each other while they fight over who's King or Queen for a day, a week, maybe decades. It's the only groups that are not a reflection of American society because they are worse, the law & government has become evil.


The Founders Warned Us.... and it's the number one reason they flood the country with immigrants that do not understand our culture and freedoms. We are paying for our own demise. 


But We Digress...


Look at Robert Mueller former head of FBI and piece of shit. His net worth over 30 million. How in the hell???


Supposedly a man of integrity. How many times have we heard that line of crap? The reason we say this is because of the methods, not what he's supposedly investigating forget that crap, Russia, Russia, Russia. Do you really think we haven't meddled in other countries elections? 


Always remember anything that happens in that world is about make work programs for lawyers, judges and grandstanding politicians. This particular one has unlimited funding to hire the best to what? Destroy peoples lives in an ever expanding investigation that's gone off course and no one has the power to reel him in. Define victory is the usual question, when does it end?


There's good reason to fire Mueller and all the do nothings in the DOJ who's recent history isn't so stellar is it? You want to drain the swamp start there and keep going. It's up to us to push those buttons. Screw Chuck Schummer, Nancy Pelosi, Windbags of the Congressional black caucus, John McCain, Mitch McConnell, all party elites and the windbags on TV every 5 minutes. Contributors they call them. 


Never has the corruption of the law & courts outside of Washington DC been more clear than McLennan County Texas and we are the enablers.


In court right now one man fights for his freedom against a system gone mad with power, a system that's had it's way, a system with crooks, thieves and some say murder has happened. A criminal gang for sure our own government. For weeks prosecutors witnesses have been babbling but they've yet to show Jake Carrizal did anything but get attacked at driving into the parking lot at Twinn Peaks. If the jury has been paying attention it wasn't hard to see the truth. Forget forensics, ballistics, experts of nothing. The truthful testimony from the Twinn Peaks manager says it all backed up by video..



"Forget Truth" they say Bandidos/ Cossacks are Gangs you see, but in their own words our gang is bigger more powerful than your gang,


SO TRUE! Where's Their Trial? 


DA's, Judicial systems and Police departments across the land are predators with a revolving door that scoops up those who can least afford it, while turning a blind eye to the rich and well connected of our society. 


As citizens it's time to take a stand, new elections are upon us, they seek our votes, our time, our money to rule over us. It's time to show who's boss, forget good ole boys, people with age old family names and generational occupations "send them packing". No more Kings & Queens getting filthy rich off of our backs. 


Find true believers in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Forget DC it's lost, work to save Texas from the tyranny from within. Until we do the chaos continues without order if that makes sense?  


Free Jake Corrizal and all innocent Bikers..