11/14/17  7AM:


Waco's in house court reporter Tommy Whitherspoon has not reported Kcentv's scoop that Abel Reyna has filed pre-trial motions hearing for Dallas Bandido Christopher Jake Carrizal is set for March 16, 2018. The motion was filed on Monday.


Popeye had been warning that Abel Reyna more than likely will come back swinging. In his mind he won the mistrial, he just didn't have the right jury. Never mind he just blew a million bucks going nowhere.


He's also assuming his own trouble's will be behind him by March 2018. You see this is the way a coward operates behind the law. He's unable to admit mistakes so he hides and plots his next moves to go after the innocent along with the guilty,


By God I'll show you! He's prepared to go the distance and Destroy McLennan County financially, his small dog ego won't let him do anything but.


Behind the scenes are the Good Ole Boys prepared to go down this road with the possibilities of making damages much worse or do they think if the worse were to happen the State will bail them out?


The trials have not come to a halt. Trials will continue at the same slow pace. The possibilities are: Clendennen, Bergman, Ledbetter or Carrizal.


This only means we pick up the pace,we hone our message, nothing has changed except Reyna has had his first loss whether he believes it or not...


Quick Note: Abel Reyna due in court in Waco at 9:00 am November 20 likely in the annex courtroom..