I think we'll ride down to Ellis County for some BBQ soon. it's an effort to continue our investigations on unwarranted profiling. We just want to scope the situation out before April 6th. It should be fun and educational for us all. Maybe better than Garland, Dallas, Fort Worth, Lake Dallas... just sayin...


In Ellis County Sheriff Chuckies campaign literature he claimed he was all about the Constitution & Texas Constitution. He claimed it's were the citizens rights comes from. So we'll ride down and put his claims to the test. Constitutionalist or NO! 


Well not all citizens Have Rights According to Governor Abbott & his minions


Along with our Governor Sheriff Chuckles is so ready to jump on the bandwagon and push Motorcycle Profiling beyond the scope. A new narrative has been set. It's now anyone who looks like a gang member. Their vision of what a gang members look like is skewed by a false narrative, perpetrated by those that benefit politically, monetarily, career wise. It's like democrats who need victims only this group needs villains, even if it's untrue.     


Under their rules we do not have the freedom of the road, freedom to peaceably assemble, freedom of speech nor the rights to bear arms. Even with a license to carry issued by the State Of Texas. It's proof they do not have a criminal background. LE in Texas has even failed to honor open carry agreements with other States.


Abel Reyna
Abel Reyna

That's a slippery slope as the DA in Waco / McLennan County found out.



Lets go over what we've heard from LE & Gang Unit Profilers over the past few weeks.


Garland police gang unit officer states he's profiling Countrymen MC Members for what they were wearing (our patches are Constitutionally protected) ask the FBI.


Dallas PO we are here to protect you! 


According To LE Gang Units you might be a gang member if:


If you ride in a group.

If you wear a patch

If your in a club

If you have or attend a charity or any other type of event where Bikers gather peacefully.


And my favorite - "If you ride a motorcycle"


There is not a single one in the list above that is illegal, Motorcycle Clubs will continue to grow as the respect for law enforcement continues to shrink. The reason for that is the Media, BLM, Progressive Democrats. It's not Motorcycle Clubs or Bikers in general.


We will shine the light on those who seek to violate our Constitutional Rights given to us by "God" through the Founders.