Springtown Police Chief wants to claim no part in the arrest of Biker & Club Member Micheal Kelsey by a Sheriffs Deputy in Parker County. Sheriff Fowler claims lack of tact by Deputy Joseph Owens who wasn't mentioned in the article above.  Lets give credit where credits due. Basically it goes like this.


Deputy: Hey you! I'm gonna arrest you as soon as you pull out of the parking lot (Chevron). 

Kelsey: Why?

Deputy; Cause what yo wearin

Kelsey attempts to leave Deputy follows, Kelsey pulls back into Chevron.

Deputy: I'm taking you to jail no turn signal.

Kelsey: Why because what you said back there

Deputy: Cause of those patches yo wearin.

Kelsey: It's not illegal to wear patches (which is true per 1st amendment)

Deputy: Put your hands behind your back.


Mr Kelsey is taken to jail for a turn signal violation that happens everyday by motorists without arrests in Parker County.


How about a lack of brain power or Parker County SD is now Moe-Rons "R" Us? 


We understand there is a new video of this attack we have not seen yet, hopefully it's public soon.


Of course Paw Paw Fowler is right when he says you can be taken to jail for a traffic violation in Texas, but when Bikers are singled out and the public continues down the road for the same violations it's obvious something else is going on and we know what it is.  


Thank God for the Bikers in Parker County and elsewhere around the State got guts, got video.


Ride- Record - Report



Tarrant County 8/8/19

Today National SA Geezer and Popeye went knocking on doors (can't say who right now). It was jaw dropping for the recipient of our information. What lets this happen we were asked? The answer, creating unconstitutional laws (lobbied by DPS/ LE) not knowing the consequences and effects they might have on our civil rights guaranteed by the Constitution. Where is this happening? All over Texas. Because the unconstitutional State Law is mandated. 

It's now one giant campaign of harassment and outright bullying. Using minor traffic violations as an excuse to stop, harras, attack in some cases, taken to jail, have bikes towed and money stolen from the individual or family budget.

Its a sickness that's spread to every podunk county in Texas while real crime runs amuck....