Everybody hates to RSVP, but there are two things that happen when you do. First of all it helps with planning an event and second of all it sends a message. We are organized and we're coming. The Constitution is a powerful thing for those who believe and utilize it.


There are multiple Bikers Rights Rallies on the horizon.


 Tarrant / Parker County Bikers Rights Rally & Ride Yes, that's two Rally's in one day


#1  Gather September 21st 11:30am in front of the Tarrant County Courthouse. Rally with guest speakers stating our case seeking media attention.


#2  12:30 we ride to the Parker County Courthouse where we will seek redress per the Constitution. These two counties have become the epicenter for Motorcycle Profiling in Texas. In particular the Fort Worth Gang unit & Parker county Sheriffs Department. Bikers have been stopped, profiled, arrested over minor traffic violations because of what they might wear, who the might associate with. Totally Unconstitutional. A campaign of harassment while real crimes and criminals create havoc all over the DFW area.


#3 Biker Rights Rally Milam County October 5th where a 24 year Army Combat Veteran finds himself fighting criminal carry even though he's never been in trouble with the law and was vetted by the State and issued a CHL Certificate. Think about it 24 years, Purple Heart Recipient, 2 Bronze Stars is facing Criminal charges for 7 miles over the speed limit and being a Motorcycle Club Member.


Our investigations at TBR have shown you can make into the Gang Database and not be a part of a 1% Club. The system created by the State is substandard with little or no checks and balances. We have one of our own members into a database with no criminal history, not a member of a 1% or support Club, has ridden a Motorcycle in almost 4 years due to a head injury.


In chaos there is opportunity. It's our right to Rally / Protest to seek redress. there's nothing they can do to stop us short of violating our 1st Amendment Rights. In that case be prepared and ready to video the actions of those who would try. That's also within your rights..