Given the current state of affairs concerning Motorcycle Profiling and the drive by our State Governor to "Beef Up" the Criminal Gang Data Base we would highly suggest everyone check to see if they are listed. Here is the link to do so.


Once there select Other in the drop down and then fill in your personal information. in the box at the bottom where they ask for a description of the information requested simply state " Would like to know if my names is listed in the Texas State Criminal Gang Data Base."


If you are listed and don't feel you belong there let us know. Contact 


If you've been anywhere Bikers gather in large numbers or stopped by a misinformed Law Enforcement Officer that doesn't really know who's who you could end up in a gang database without knowing. The information we gather tells us this is possible.


Relax if your not in their Database this will not land you there. If that were to happen a new day has dawned for our cause. 




Am I In A Gang Database


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