Ford Assembly
In a brilliant move Ford was the first company to announce it was keeping a plant in Kentucky. This will certainly buy good will with American workers who have signed on to the make America Great Again campaign of President Elect Donald Trump. Ford has been on the leading edge of making cars and trucks with electronic amenities that people want standard. They've certainly made all the right moves and building products here moves them up a notch.


Apple has suggested they make follow with plans to manufacture cell phones here in the U.S..


Many foreign products including aircraft are structural substandard, in recent weeks we've found out data tracking devices are installed in electronics and foods such as telapia and catfish may be contaminated with harmful ingredients from unsanitary fish farms.

Harley Davidson Assembly 

We think it's time for all Americans to step up with a new "Buy American" Campaign to help push things along. Make it be known you want product made here by Americans. China, Saudi Arabia and Mexico has made threats aimed at protecting their trade deals that have zapped American jobs and manufacturing. It is our duty to seek fair trade for all, not one way streets. There is a new day coming, it's time for America to retool.. Take note Boeing, GE, Carrier just to name a few of the many!


When shopping this Christmas please make every effort to look at the labels. Buy American if you can and let them know of your displeasure if you can't. It's time we all stand up and do our part in Making America Great Again...



America First..


Respect,  MM


11/20/16 2:35AM