On Thursday 1/21/16 I brought up report after report on corrupt Law Enforcement on our All For 1 Facebook site. The amount of corrupt law enforcement officers compared to reports on Bikers and OMG's was mind boggling. 


What encouraged us to start looking was all the Drug arrests in Waco TX. The fact is the war on drugs just keeps on keeping on. LE not making a dent in it.




One has to step back and look again when corruption is the name of the game in LE & Politics. The ethics are just not there anymore. The money is just too enticing. It seems as though the bad cops are now out numbering the good. A brief search on the internet tells you a lot from their own damned reports. From Homeland Security on down.


​Don't believe us spend an hour researching war on drugs / law enforcement corruption.


Arrests and convictions of law enforcement compared to Bikers or Any Club out there?


Not even close  - What we have going on is one big giant corrupt money machine at the expense of generations of young people who get hooked on drugs.


LE & Politicians are at the center of it.




Bandidos - Hells Angles - Mongols  


are easy targets to make public enemy #1


Who knows if any report is true or myth 

perpetrated to keep the heat off of the real culprits?


The reason we say this is because

the numbers aren't there to back the allegations up

the main reason for successful drug distribution comes from corrupt 




Where are all of the arrests to back up the allegations? 


​Breitbart regurgitate this report from the FBI shortly after TP

with no questions asked.


Long before the Bandidos motorcycle gang became an international headline for taking part in a fierce turf war at a Waco restaurant, authorities had been able to link the outlaw motorcycle gang with the violent Mexican cartel known as Los Zetas.

As Breitbart Texas exclusively reported, an apparent push by the Cossacks into the Bandidos territory in Texas led to an all-out war at a Waco restaurant that left 9 dead and close to 200 individuals behind bars.

While the Cossacks are hardly mentioned in law enforcement documents, the Bandidos have been in the eye of law enforcement for several years due to their violent nature and the trafficking of narcotics.

The Bandidos are involved in transporting and distributing cocaine and marijuana. The gang is also tied to the manufacture and distribution of methamphetamine, information revealed by the U.S. Department of Justice  revealed.


TBR:  This would be the same DOJ headed up by Loretta Lynch who so far has failed to go after Hilary Clinton for money laundering 2 billion dollars from foreign governments into a foundation controlled by Hilary & Bill Clinton while Hilary was Secretary of State. Of course the FBI is heading up that investigation. If they fail to prosecute "the fix is in" more LE corruption at the highest levels.


Its kinda like the IRS they target everyone but the rich and well connected who gets off the hook again and again. Its no wonder people no longer believe the first things they hear because they all lie. 

Report Continues: Because of their transnational scope, these OMGs (outlaw motorcycle gangs) are able to coordinate drug smuggling operations in partnership with major international drug-trafficking organizations (word used by federal agencies to describe Mexican Cartels), the DOJ information revealed.

OMGs develop and foster relationships with drug cartels in Mexico and Central America, the FBI’s 2013 National Gang Intelligence Center report stated.

“Although the nature of each varies by region, most are opportunistic in nature,” the report states.


TBR:   Opportunistic in nature which tells us it's not a continuous thing, just when someone is stupid enough to take that chance for a payday maybe? 

Report Continues: One of the partnerships mentioned in the report is the Bandidos motorcycle club and the hyper violent Mexican cartel Los Zetas. As previously reported by Breitbart Texas, Los Zetas is a large Mexican cartel that has terrorized most of that country by using ruthless violence to control vast territories for drug trafficking, human trafficking, kidnapping  and extortion. The Zetas have also been linked to multiple executions on U.S. soil.

The case of the Bandidos, as well as other gangs in the U.S. which have ties to cartels, provides the U.S. based gang with a steady flow of marijuana, cocaine, heroin and other drugs which make up the majority of the gangs profits.

The partnership allows Los Zetas to have their drugs distributed throughout Bandidos territory without putting their operatives at risk. According to the report, gangs make up the primary source of distribution for Mexican drug cartels.


TBR: If this is really one of those bad ass cartels would they really care what the Bandidos think? 


Is this FBI report myth or true? It wasn't that long ago we researched the FBI's most notorious gang list and not a single OMG was mentioned. Just where are all these big busts taking place? Its not in the news. All the the media does is regurgitate LE reports and innuendos. 


​Maybe it's all Opportunistic? 


We're not stupid, we know some moe-rons are running around trying to make a buck in the drug trade. Usually that ends up bad with time in jail. Their Bad not Bikers or Clubs as a whole. 


Of course we all know they tell the truth 100% of the time don't they?


Its like the parking space turf war at TP 100% truth?


Maybe we should all get a 5013c and have raffles like churches, schools, and the government does...


I'm just saying..






mel moss says...
"REF: https://www.drugpolicy.org/docUploads/police_corruption_report.pdf" (1/22/16)
mel moss says...
"FBI these number are staggering--- https://www.fbi.gov/news/testimony/new-border-war-corruption-of-u.s.-officials-by-drug-cartels" (1/22/16)