Its incredibly hard to believe the Swanton, Reyna and the not so grand jury in Waco could possibly know what was in the minds of each and every biker at Twinn Peaks. Just who certified them as mind readers?

It's a miracle indicting 106 people in 9hr which works out to be 5 minutes of mind reading devoted to each case. WOW! Get this, they do this every time they meet.


A note to the mind readers: 

There were other reasons to be at Twin Peaks other than to participate in criminal activities that would lead to murder charges.

#1. To attend a legitimate TCOCI meeting which is about legislative and motorcycle safety issues. Waco PD knew this.

#2. Maybe it was just someplace to ride to on a Sunday afternoon.

#3. Maybe to meet with friends.

#4. Maybe they wanted to eat.

#5. Maybe you might have been representing your club as a US Defender Rep. Each Club has two.

#6. Maybe you like the waitresses.

#7. Maybe you ride with a Veterans Club.

#8. Maybe you ride with a Motorcycle Ministry.

#9. Maybe you had no clue why you were there you just showed up.

#10. Maybe you might be seeing what the TCOCI is all about. It is a public meeting.


#11. And the most likely, some were lead there by Waco PD and a Hyped up task force in hopes of an ambush. 


We wonder why the Swami's didn't see that one coming or maybe they did.

It is in our opinion because of these obvious discrepancies Swanton, Reyna and the Not so Grand Jury should have their Swami Licenses revoked by the DPS who is charge of stupid…





Citizen says...
"Of course if they have any one of these semi plausible explanations for their presence then the grand jury should not indite them because there is clearly no way that they could be a member of an organized criminal organization that showed up at a bar with hundreds of weapons ready to fight a rival organization that was.commonly know yo be showing up at.that location. Clearly there is absolutely nit even one shred of evidence to suggest an offence occurred. " (11/13/15)