Albuquerque New Mexico Saturday 1/5/19:


Popeye took a spill this weekend and fell face first onto the concrete, busted up nose, head and worst of it all scraped up fingers. Hurts like hell and had me laid up a little. But that didn't stop us from our Patch Party for our newest Sons Of Liberty Riders Chapter in New Mexico. We heard nothing but praise about the performance of these young men. They stand ready to move forward. We now have new brothers to join the cause. Defending the Constitution and those who had their Constitutional Rights Violated by tyrannical government entity's.


No easy task when everywhere you look at all levels of government, evil government gangs exist. Yes, I said gangs, way more and way worse than the "gang tag" they try to describe Bikers as. Government gangs that have the ability to vilify, arrest, convict, rob, commit treasonous acts against the American people at will. What's worse is they are immune to the laws they create, many of which are Unconstitutional and unethical. All the while enriching themselves with the support of the media. It goes on for decades on end.



We've watched them walk from crimes they've committed again and again


Nancy Pelosi leader of the congress democratic cartel described the Border wall as dysfunctional and immoral, the old bag had it wrong, she just described the Congress itself. We certainly think the Founders of this country ever could have imagined the cartel style government we see today. Of course this is what you get with a dumbed down society indoctrinated by government itself. It's been an effort to keep themselves in power and the people under their thumbs. We are headed down a dangerous road when the government opens the gates to people that can vote themselves what they "think" is free stuff. Nothing is free! Corporations do not pay taxes, it's included in the cost of the product or services. The money for the so called "free shit" will come from the working class American people.


If we are going to save our country from these gangs in DC, what to do? The law itself is not the answer, "fuck", their part of the problem and in many cases are in on the fix. look at the damned DOJ/FBI corrupt as hell!


Popeye has some ideas, this is a battle to be lead by young brave Patriots and a lot of organizing.. We stand ready to help! Not only for the Rights of Bikers, but the Rights of the American People.... 


To Be Cont. DC Gangs Part II