League of Women Voters (LWV)


Will hold a candidate forum on Tuesday, February 13, at 5:30 PM at the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame. Barry Johnson vs Abel Reyna (AR) is open to the public. In the last debate sparks flew right off the bat. There's one thing for sure, although AR has not actually spent much time trying cases he is a skilled liar. Part of being a skilled liar is believing what you are saying about an individual or group such as Bikers.

On the Barry Johnson side he should now have a feel for Reyna's methods of attack #1 is Bikers candidate, that's pretty easy to dispel since Reyna himself held that title in 2014. Yep, we've heard that more than once. It's not cool for Bikers and residents of Mclennan County let Abel Reyna get away with such rhetoric. 

Man your smart phones, laptops, desktops, soup cans with string. Contact everyone you know in Mclennan County and give them truth.


The truth is, there is no longer a Bikers Candidate when it comes to a DA's Office anywhere in this country. History has shown us to be cautious and as each day passes we find out how unscrupulous they have become both federal and local.. 


Were there signs in 2014 that Abel was not a good choice. Maybe too eager to climb the totem pole with Daddy's help and without a real track record. Did the voters have a real choice and was the truth hidden by the media and party. We suspect he was shoved to the head of the line like a DACA kid in colleges across the land..



Today Abel Reyna has a track record and it sinks lower with every passing day. He hides behind courthouse wrangling and good ole boys cover. Friends of Daddy, former Law Partners, Alumni and the Republican Party itself. As candidate watchers we pay close attention to the way the Candidates carry themselves Abel Reyna carry's that Obama look. You know, the one where he looks down his nose at you, like he's better than you, he thinks your illiterate and can't match his intellect. 

 You know, "that look"? 


Logic tells you Barry Johnson is older wiser than AR. Common sense and the Constitution comes into play now. Just who has the better grasp on both? It's pretty simple really, just who hiding from going under oath in the courthouse?


All candidates running for McLennan County Judge, Criminal District Attorney, and Precinct 2 and 4 Commissioner have been asked to participate in this event.  The format will be speed-meeting, so everyone who attends will have a chance to meet all the candidates.


You can bet Texas Biker Radio will be there and we hope you will be too