Muslim Terrorists have struck once again in France while the country was on full alert. While the people of France are in shock we don't think they've figured out what a massive security failure this was. This is not hard to figure out and this was not a sophisticated attack like the US media claims. It's all pretty simple.


For months Europe as a whole has had no borders as muslims have infiltrated everywhere. We've  pointed out before Europe's

uncontrolled borders, generous welfare systems and lax immigration policies are as much to blame as the terrorist themselves. Everyone in that government should be fired for failing to protest it's citizens.


8 young men in a co-ordinated attack with semi automatic weapons and some explosive against a population unarmed. What is sophisticated about that? It doesn't take rocket science to figure out they had help from the muslim community in France. Matter of fact that community wasn't mentioned once on any broadcast I listened to last night. You see like our government France also has the political correctness disease. 


It's incredible the we find our country on the same path open borders, generous welfare and lax immigration policies. I'm shocked we have already been hit. The network is here and there is soft targets all across the Nation.


Those who are suppose to protect the American citizens are instead focusing on spying on everybody but terrorist. They've turned their backs on illegal immigrants while chasing boogie men..


The day our next attack comes we should fire them all for they are surely failing the country...


Meanwhile Obama (architect of ISIS) wouldn't speculate who was responsible....."Figures"