Some think Abel Reyna will sooner or later come out of his funk and be in full attack mode. You would think Reyna and crew would go back and look at their video evidence and previous testimony to figure out who might be actually guilty of a crime. But then again there is those pesky old defense lawyers that will be waiting for the next round of corruption hearings.

Oops! Can't go there its dismissal time again and it could last until January 2019.

The city & county is trying to move on from this continuing nightmare. Who in the hell can do that with a black cloud of uncertainly looming not only over the courthouse but the entire county where some businesses are still hurting 3 years later.

To think law officers & Judges stood by, said nothing, did nothing again again and again as peoples civil rights were violated in a massive unprecedented  scale and continued for 3 years. Only because the DA Abel Reyna made one major mistake after the other. 

Law Officers & Jailers had their laughs at the accused back then. Wonder what they might be thinking now?


Here Comes Da Judge 

This moves us to Judge Pete Peterson better known as Judge PeePee. We're told he's very Churchie. Nothing wrong with that unless your there for the wrong reasons. Hell even Obama went to Church and we found out he never heard a thing Rev Wright said.

​Actually the former DPS Officer was appointed into Office. He's never had to campaign. Still he's the incumbent and the choice of the republican party. There's a reason Abel Reyna went to him for the million dollar bonds. 

He's a "yes" man, the perfect fit to deny the Constitutional rights of the people. Attention Judge PeePee we can't find sending a message in your job description in Texas. Not without knowing who was guilty or innocent of any crimes. The COCI which was the purpose of the meeting is not a criminal organization.

Like most Law Enforcement Officers he didn't know what he was talking about when it comes to Bikers and Biker Clubs. They are brainwashed by the systematic vilification of Bikers and in particular 1% Clubs.

The Oath Of A Justice Of The Peace

I do solemnly swear to the best of my abilities, protect and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States and of this state, so help me God.

Do you think he defended the Constitution, the Rights of the people in 2015? Not only as a judge but as a former Law Officer.

Just think this little big man with no guts might have stopped it all by recognizing probable cause was not there for all of the 177 people..


A Church man? We think not , he has bore false witness, stolen livelihoods and coveted that which is not his....,