Let us get this straight, the CIA who works for Obama right now is pointing fingers at Russia for cyber attacks on DNC / RNC emails. All the juicy stuff that came through wiki leaks exposed the DNC has hypocrites, bigots and liars. Most of the juice surrounded Hilary's emails that ran through an unprotected server in a bathroom, that crap is her fault not anyone else's. Certainly not Russia's or any other foreign factor seeking to poke a finger in our eye. I their view we've done our own share of melding. What's amazing is no one made moves to correct it and if they did who was the inside informant? Since the CIA knows so much what were the RNC's emails about? This is the same old shit, throwing innuendos out with no proof. They could have a job in Waco. 


We all know the CIA has had massive failures when it comes to research and intel gathering. 


According to media sources the CIA has supposedly said that the Russians tried to help Donald Trump because he said nice things about Putin. This is laughable since Hilary & the Clinton Foundation is still under investigation for pay for play deals that benefited foreign governments in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation. Forget the F***ing CIA, have common sense follow the money and who works for who. Think not? What Clinton speeches worth today?


If media reports are true clearly Hilary, the DNC & RNC failed in taking cyber security measures. But who can trust the MSM for truth? Now they want to bitch about it and blame everybody but themselves. We have big problems but it's not cyber security. It's honesty within our government. Elected officials and bureaucrats work to benefit themselves and not the American people. Liars, scammers and cut throats exist within their ranks. Pay close attention politicians like John McCain, Lindsey Graham and "any" progressive democrat will attempt to steal our freedoms in the name of National Security.


If they were honest and above board to the American people they would have to worry about what any cyber creep might find. Like Trump said we have stupid people that have no clue what they are doing. That has been an understatement.


Politicians - Media Get Use To It - Change Your Ways..


Americans live in a 24 hour news cycle from sources around the world that have foreign government agenda's like, Al Jezeera & Communist Nations like Russia and China, there is a fix. America's Main Stream Media needs to quit lying, be fair not one sided, search for truth. Otherwise the American people will look elsewhere for News & Comment. It's that damned simple.


But That's Not Going To Happen..


Progressives in both parties and the media will continue the attack every minute of everyday, cheat, lie, create fake news.


It's ironic that Hilary the queen of fake news (Benghazi Video) now campaigns against fake news..



More damaging than anything the Russians did was Hillary Clinton herself, she's never been honest a day in her life, she's arrogant and those within her ranks didn't care for her. Many of the leaks came from within and it's been reported one DNC worker lost his life for exposing the truth.. A 27-year-old man who worked for the Democratic National Committee was shot and killed as he walked home. No motive given..