BTR: This video shows just why the media and law enforcement has a credibility problem with the public. Murder by police officers will not be tolerated any longer.






Long Beach, CA – A profoundly disturbing video is going viral online, showing two officers execute an innocent man.

The manner in which they executed the man is absolutely chilling.

The incident began when Noel Aguilar was riding his bike with headphones on.


Apparently, police ordered him to stop and take the headphones out.

But Aguilar did not stop — we’re guessing he simply didn’t hear them.

In response to this, the cops took him down to the ground, reports say.

Once he was on the ground, the cops began smothering him and putting handcuffs on him.

Imagine yourself in Aguilar’s position.

You are riding your bike one moment, and the next moment two armed men are sitting on top of your body.

Aguilar’s natural reflex was to try to get up and protect himself from the pain.

But this only made the officer’s more determined to abuse him.

At this point the unthinkable happens.

The video appears to show one of the officers planting a “drop gun” near Aguilar.

The officer then says to his partner “It’s a gun, it’s a gun” as if he were pretending to be surprised.

This shocks Aguilar, who responds “I don’t have anything!”

In the process of “planting” the gun the officer appears to then shoot his own partner in the stomach by accident.

This seems to enrage the officers, one of whom then pulls out his own gun and fires three bullets into Aguilar’s body, while Aguilar was restrained and posing no threat.

Witnesses can be heard screaming “Why’d you shoot him in the fucking back?!”

The officers then appear to continue suffocating Aguilar and ensuring that he would bleed to death to “finish the job.”

This may have been done to be certain Aguilar would not be alive to testify against them.

The cops then put in their reports that Aguilar “shot them.”

They apparently had no idea that they were being filmed the whole time.

This video shows what actually happened.

We must warn you, what you are about to see is a human being actually being executed. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.